Sinema Debuts Second Spanish-Language TV Ad

Sinema’s new ad comes as McSally goes negative on TV against her

Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate campaign released a new Spanish-language TV ad on Thursday — the same day GOP Rep. Martha McSally attacked her on air. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is debuting her second statewide Spanish-language TV ad for her Senate race on Thursday. 

The focus? Health care.

“Too many of us are struggling with the cost of health care,” Sinema says in the spot. 

“I’m fighting to make health insurance more affordable for families like yours. ... In the Senate, I’ll be a voice for your family,” she says in Spanish.

Sinema’s campaign launched its Spanish-language website last week and released its first statewide Spanish-language TV ad last month, following a digital ad narrated in Spanish that it put out in March. 

The Sinema campaign is releasing the spot on the same day GOP Rep. Martha McSally, who’s favored in next week’s GOP primary, went negative against Sinema in her own TV ad

“Everyone remembers where they were on 9/11,” McSally says in the spot. “I was deployed to the Middle East, led air strikes against the Taliban and was the first woman to fly a fighter jet in combat.”

“While we were in harms way in uniform, Kyrsten Sinema was protesting us in a pink tutu and denigrating our service,” McSally continues, as the spot flashes to footage of Sinema.  

Sinema’s campaign responded by touting her efforts to support service members and votes for military funding. The campaign highlighted that she has brothers who serve in the Marines and the Navy.

“If Congresswoman McSally is struggling this much to win what should have been an easy primary, it’s hard to imagine what level she’ll stoop to next,” Sinema campaign communications director James Owens said in a statement Thursday.

McSally is facing former state Sen. Kelli Ward and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Tuesday's primary. Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales rates the general election a Toss-up

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