Gosar’s Brother Calls Him ‘an Embarrassment’

Congressman espoused conspiracy theories about Charlottesville violence

Rep. Paul Gosar’s family said he should apologize to progressive billionaire George Soros for saying he collaborated with the Nazis in his youth. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photos)

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar’s family continued criticizing his conspiracy theories with his brother calling the lawmaker “an embarrassment.”

Gosar’s brother David criticized the congressman for espousing conspiracy theories about racial violence in Charlottesville, Virginia and that progressive megadonor George Soros was behind the operation, Phoenix New Times reported.

“At what point do you draw the line in your family,” David Gosar asked.

Earlier this month, Gosar was interviewed by Vice News and said that  “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in August was a false flag operation and speculated that Soros backed organizers.

Gosar also said that Soros, who is Jewish, turned in “his own people to the Nazis” during the Holocaust.

Confronted by a CNN reporter over his assertions, Gosar told the reporter she was “fake news” and walked away.

David Gosar, who is an attorney in Wyoming, said it was important to draw a line, even when it comes to family.

“It’s just despicable,” he said. “To slander a guy like that — you know, an 87-year-old guy, never did anything wrong to you — and you just slander him without any proof, just based on some Alex Jones bulls---. And then you don’t even have the guts or decency to apologize.”

Jones is the host of the Infowars radio show who has championed such theories as the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre being a hoax, and that the U.S. government was behind 9/11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing.

After Gosar’s initial comments, his siblings sent a letter to the Daily Miner in the congressman’s district criticizing his speculation.

“There’s no dispute about our opposition to him. It’s something that has been building for some time, watching what he does up there in Congress. It’s ridiculous,” David Gosar told New Times.

One of the other Gosar brothers, Pete, ran for governor of Wyoming as a Democrat in 2014 and lost.

Jennifer Gosar, Gosar’s sister, spoke about the difficulty of criticizing her brother.

“I have a pretty good idea how uninformed he is, and his hubris is honestly pretty impressive,” she told New Times.

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