Obama Makes Surprise Appearance at Congressional Baseball Game, Democrats Win 5-2

Obama holds the coveted Roll Call trophy aloft from the Republican dugout. (David Meyers/CQ Roll Call)

Updated, 11 p.m. |  President Barack Obama emerged from the Democrats' dugout Thursday at Nationals Park in Southeast Washington to a standing ovation and boisterous cheers from the thousands of Democratic staffers in attendance at the 54th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game .  

The Democrats ultimately prevailed for their seventh straight victory, 5-2, but when Obama stepped onto the field, it was the top of the 4th inning with Democrats up 2-1. While Democratic fans continued to cheer, Republican staffers in the stands on the first base line chanted "TPA!" — highlighting the contentious and complicated issue breaking down unique lines of both parties.  

After watching a few minutes of the game, including a Sen. Rand Paul strikeout, Obama meandered over to the Republicans' dugout. He shook hands and posed for photos. The president even took a picture holding the Coveted Roll Call Trophy, which Democrats kept in their possession this year.  

POTUS, who was all smiles as he waved to the crowd and stood on the grass just beyond the dugout,  sported a blue button down shirt and black sunglasses.  

There were some reports, true it turned out, that Obama brought beer brewed at the White House for the victors to enjoy after the 7th inning finish.