Judges Select New Virginia Congressional Map

Virginia's new map would make Forbes' district more Democratic. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

A federal three-judge panel selected a new congressional map for the 2016 elections Thursday.  

The map is one of two proposed maps that a court-appointed special master — in this case a political science professor at University of California, Irvine — released in November 2015 that would give Democrats a shot at picking up another seat. Currently, Democrats hold three of the state's 11 congressional seats. The new map would increase the black voting age population in the 4th District, currently held by GOP Rep. J. Randy Forbes. Several Democrats have already expressed interest in running for his seat.  

But the 1st and the 7th districts would also change. First District GOP Rep. Rob Wittman has announced he'll run for governor in 2017.  Rep. Dave Brat, who holds the 7th District seat, attracted a Republican primary challenger  late last year.  

Compare the changes in lines between the current map and the new one in the graphic below.