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Burning Man seeks lobbying coordinator: serious inquiries only

It’s Heard on the Hill’s job of the week

Want to work for Burning Man? Think suits and paperwork, not bonfires in the desert. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

In a reminder that literally every interest has a lobbyist, Burning Man is seeking a government affairs coordinator.

The Nevada desert festival started out as a small gathering for those searching for spiritual transcendence and has morphed into a bacchanal for tech bros shelling out thousands to eat lobster with models. Alas, nothing gold can stay.

But the San Francisco-based gig isn’t all sun goddess body suits and ayahuasca tea. It mainly involves boring paperwork like “submitting permit applications, tracking contract deadlines, requesting payments for contracts and permits,” and coordinating with the bureaucracy.

I wouldn’t recommend showing up high to a meeting with the Bureau of Land Management, because those guys are NOT known for their sense of humor.

Hurry, applications are due June 19.

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