Candidate Spotlight: Lisa Blunt Rochester Poised for HistoricVictory

By Thomas McKinless, Cody Long, Simone Pathé

Heard on the Hill This Week: Bar Hopping on Debate Night

By Thomas McKinless, Alex Gangitano
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Roll Call's White House Correspondent John T. Bennett looks at the White House’s plans to hit the trail for Hillary Clinton in the final weeks before Election Day. Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., for example, will be in Ohio and Pennsylvania next week. Meanwhile, as Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump widens, Bennett previews what Clinton’s legislative agenda might be if she assumes office.

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In an October full of unflattering reveals about both major 2016 presidential candidates, Roll Call senior editor David Hawkings looks back at the most dramatic so-called October surprises in the recent past.

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Meet the Capitol Hill Jesus Lady

By Thomas McKinless
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Senior Editor David Hawkings and Heard on the Hill reporter Alex Gangitano discuss their experience previewing the new Smithsonian museum opening Sept. 24th. In an attempt to manage crowds and a large interest from the public, the museum has issued "timed passes" and many weekday passes are taken through mid-November (you'll have to wait even longer for weekends.) If you can't make it to the museum for awhile, Roll Call has your in with this video.

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With lawmakers still out of town campaigning, Roll Call’s Heard on the Hill reporter Alex Gangitano took in some late night TV this week. Seth Meyers brought his NBC talk show to Washington, featuring big-name guests like Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., Minnesota Sen. Al Franken and Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter.

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Congress went home to campaign for re-election, but they're planning a post-election session beginning Nov. 14. Why is that, and why have these so-called lame-duck sessions become the norm in recent history? Senior Editor David Hawkings explains.

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As of Wednesday, 53 Republican members of Congress had publicly declared their opposition to presidential candidate Donald Trump, their party's presidential nominee. Many did so after the release of a video from 2005, which showed Trump bragging about groping women.

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The United States Capitol Dome.

It is the most recognizable symbol of American democracy, and a worldwide icon.

And for the last two years, it’s been getting a facelift.

Built amid the chaos of the Civil War, the original Dome cost $1,047,291.

Even the best-built structure suffers from exposure to the elements, though.

So in 2014, the Architect of the Capitol began a two-year, multi-million dollar renovation to repair cracks, remove lead paint and restore the structure to its original splendor.

When the current renovations started, Congress knew the ambitious project needed to be completed before the 2017 presidential inauguration.

With the scaffolding already coming down, it looks like Congress, for once, will hit its deadline.


Do you have a photo of the dome? Everyone seems to. Tweet or Instagram it at us with the #MyCapitolDome hashtag. We will publish some of the coolest images online and in the newspaper.

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