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A Different Kind of Drone Strike | Commentary

In the past decade, much has been said about the use of drone technology, particularly its use in combat. More recently, the filibuster by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., questioned privacy and other concerns as this technology is deployed domestically.

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Obama's Budget Would Restructure Airport Improvement Program

While President Barack Obama complained that averting Federal Aviation Administration furloughs by transferring airport capital improvement funds amounted to “using our seedcorn,” his own fiscal 2014 budget would cut the Airport Improvement Program by 17 percent.

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Airport Operators Worry That Furloughs Deal Will Reduce Capital Spending

Airport operators were relieved that Congress enacted legislation before the recess rolling back air-traffic-controller furloughs — though they were less than pleased about where lawmakers found the money to offset the cuts.

Congress Learns the Letter 'S' in FAA Snafu

Debates about letters of the alphabet can now return to “Sesame Street,” as Congress has sorted out what to do with the letter “s.”

Charlotte Mayor to Be Nominated as Transportation Secretary

Outgoing Charlotte, N.C., mayor Anthony Foxx will be President Barack Obama’s pick for the next Transportation Secretary, according to two sources with knowledge of the selection.

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The Clamor for Special Sequester Deals

First, meat inspectors got a reprieve from the sequester. Then air-traffic controllers at the Federal Aviation Administration . Now cancer and teachers’ groups are hoping to jump on the slippery slope Congress appears to have created by carving out special status for some programs hurt by automatic spending cuts.

Senate Passes FAA Fix Before Leaving Town

Senators will avoid a week of bad headlines blasting them for a slew of air delays brought about by federal spending cuts.

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McCain Slams Focus on FAA Budget Cuts

Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain thinks airline flight delays are getting too much public attention, while military budget cuts under the sequester are attracting fewer headlines.

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Sequester, Flight Delays Breed Confusion

With Congress and the flying public up in arms over airline delays caused by Federal Aviation Administration furloughs, lawmakers seem somehow caught off guard by the extent of the problem caused by the sequester.

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House Hydro Bill Tests Water for Broad Energy Deals

In February, the House did something rare: It passed an energy bill unanimously. Unlike the previous Congress’ standard fare of anti-EPA, pro-drilling measures, the first energy bill of the 113th Congress promoted small-scale hydropower projects and the electrification of existing dams.

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GOP Pins Airport Delays on Obama

Political finger-pointing over Federal Aviation Administration furloughs intensified Monday, with congressional Republicans orchestrating a Twitter campaign aimed at blaming the Obama administration for flight delays.

Special House Panel Will Draft Intermodal Freight Strategy

House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Bill Shuster has tapped six committee members to help formulate a national intermodal freight plan that will tie together road, rail, air cargo, ports and inland waterways infrastructure planning and policy.

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Advocates for Inland Waterways Users Say They're Perplexed by Obama Budget

It isn’t often in Washington that an interest group asks Congress to raise its taxes — but that’s exactly what inland barge operators are urging.

Cost Overruns in Illinois Prompt Industry Demand for Funding Overhaul

A quarter-century ago, Congress authorized a $775 million project to replace the antiquated Olmsted Locks on the Ohio River, about 20 miles northeast of the point where it converges with the Mississippi. The project was supposed to be finished in 2000.

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Oil Pipeline Breach Refocuses Keystone Debate on Risks of Spills

An oil pipeline rupture on March 29 poured thousands of barrels of heavy crude petroleum into the streets of Mayflower, Ark., focusing the environmental debate over the Keystone XL oil pipeline back on the risks of spills.

One Man's Journey From Metro to Kickstarter

One morning, while he was stuck on a train in a tunnel between Metro stations, Chad Wallace, a D.C. public school teacher, made the decision that taking the Metro was no longer worth his time, money or patience.

Rendell and Timmons: Long-Term Economic Growth Relies on First-Class Infrastructure

You don’t see bumper stickers touting “My child is a D+ student.” That’s because it’s not something to boast about, and neither is the D+ rating that our nation’s infrastructure earned in the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure.

Barnett: Hurricane Warnings for the New Public Safety Communications Network

Natural disasters such as Superstorm Sandy leave devastation in their paths and, often, hard questions. For more than a decade, the vulnerability of the nation’s emergency communications networks has been studied and discussed. Communications outages during the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina were wake-up calls, but actual action on solutions remained sleepy for years. Just about one year ago, Congress created a new federal entity that is supposed to bring the cutting-edge technologies used by commercial networks to an entirely new National Public Safety Broadband Network for use by “first responders” — police, fire and rescue personnel — called FirstNet.

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Indiana Jones and the Control Tower Crusade

The man who played Indiana Jones on the big screen is on a new crusade, this time on Capitol Hill.

Waiving Visas Promises to Boost Tourism to the U.S.

While the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s proposal to expand foreign preclearance facilities is encountering stiff opposition from airlines, concurrent moves to expedite visa processing for foreign visitors are getting broad support.




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