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Critics of GM Bailout Wonder Whether Government Ownership Hindered Response

Critics of the Obama administrationís bailout of the domestic auto industry are questioning whether regulators may have ignored safety defects in General Motors Co. vehicles while the carmaker was under taxpayer ownership.

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In Wake of GM Recall, Lawmakers Are Set to Scrutinize Regulators, as Well as Automakers

The recall of about 1.7 million General Motors Co. vehicles for ignition switch defects linked to 13 deaths has renewed congressional scrutiny of the federal agency charged with regulating highway safety.

Asking Congress to Support Meaningful Patent Reform Legislation | Commentary

This month, transit agencies around the country are in D.C. for the American Public Transportation Association legislative conference. An issue that surfaced in many of our meetings is ďpatent trollsĒ ó shell companies that purchase patents with no intention of innovating or inventing, but rather, suing those who do ó and how they are crippling transit agencies with meritless threats.

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Ukraine's Neighbors Urge Expansion of U.S. Gas Exports

The crisis in Ukraine has injected a new element of Cold War politics, as well as a supporting cast of European diplomats and Washington lobbyists, into the debate on Capitol Hill over natural-gas exports.

Industry Group Says Fracking Could Help Ukraine

European countries seeking to ease their dependence on Russian natural gas may discover that their salvation lies deep beneath their native soil.

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Local Governments Fear Plan to Tax Bond Interest Threatens Road Funding

House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Campís proposed tax overhaul got high marks last week from federal transportation leaders for committing to prop up the ailing Highway Trust Fund, but it is drawing criticism from state and local officials who depend on municipal bonds to finance infrastructure projects.

Airport Operators Worry Tax Overhaul Would Ground Improvement Plans

In addition to worrying road builders, state highway officials and transit agencies, House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Campís tax overhaul plan has struck a nerve with airport operators.

When Great Ideas Go Wrong: How the EPA's New Fuel Shipping Standard Hurts the Environment and Economy | Commentary

Thereís at least one law thatís universally familiar in Washington: the law of unintended consequences. It describes how a proposed solution can end up creating new problems. And it perfectly explains how a new, well-intentioned but poorly designed EPA policy meant to improve coastal air quality actually achieves the opposite, meaning more pollution, more traffic congestion and higher transportation costs. Fortunately, itís not too late to make some sensible changes to everyoneís benefit, and weíll explain how in our Tuesday testimony before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation.

Norton Talks D.C. Equality with TSA Administrator

The Transportation Security Administration appears to have set the record straight when it comes to driverís licenses issued in Washington, D.C.

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Norton: TSA Must Train Employees to Accept D.C. IDs

Washington, D.C., may not be a state, but the people who live in the nationís capital deserve the same treatment as other American citizens when traveling within its borders.

Holocaust Reparations Talks Won't Halt Pressure From Maloney, Ros-Lehtinen

Despite ongoing reparations negotiations between France and the State Department, one member of Congress vows to continue fighting a French rail firmís bid on Metroís Purple Line project.

Close Corporate Tax Loopholes to Fix Holes in Our Infrastructure | Commentary

Business owners know the importance of investing to keep their companies competitive. When essential equipment breaks, they fix it if they can or replace it if they canít. They donít respond by cutting their budget for maintenance and investment. Yet thatís what Congress has done.

Maloney, Ros-Lehtinen Warn of Purple Line Bidder's Ties to Nazi Deportation Trains

As French rail firm Keolis bids to lay down tracks in Metroís planned Purple Line expansion, two members of the House are demanding that Maryland transportation officials pull the brakes.

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Lawmakers Seek Investments to Make Bicycle Commuting Safer

As cycling to work becomes more popular, it also is getting more dangerous ó and a lawmaker is proposing to address the problem by dedicating new funding for construction of infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Doctors Pitch the Health Benefits of Bicycling

Bicyclists and pedestrians are joining forces with public health advocates in their bid for a larger share of federal transportation infrastructure.

Can the Right Technology End Distracted Driving? | Commentary

At any given moment during any given day, hundreds of thousands of drivers in the United States are using their phones while behind the wheel ó talking, texting or searching for information ó and endangering their lives and the lives of those around them. Technology may be part of our daily habits, but using these devices while driving is becoming a fatal vice that threatens to undo the remarkable progress we have made to improve highway safety. According to the National Safety Council, as many as a quarter of todayís automobile crashes involve drivers talking or texting on their phones, and there is no sign of the problem abating.

Oil Export Debate Renews Fight Over Protections for U.S. Shipping

The debate about lifting 1970s restrictions on crude oil exports has renewed another old fight over a 1920 maritime law known as the Jones Act.

More Funding Provided for Electric Car Research

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz is continuing the Obama administrationís programs aimed at helping automakers develop more fuel-efficient vehicles.

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Lawmakers Take On Carmakers Over Repair Parts

Two weeks ago, automaker Chrysler Group LLC sued parts manufacturer LKQ Corp., seeking damages for what it alleges was infringement on 10 patents for the design of car repair parts.

Airlines Seek to Deny Funding for Overseas Customs Station

The dispute about Norwegian Air Serviceís request to expand service to the United States piggybacks on the fight by American air carriers and their pilots to deny funding in fiscal 2014 spending legislation for a U.S. Customs and Border Protection preclearance facility at Abu Dhabiís international airport.




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