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Bill Shuster Wants 'Like Father, Like Son' Moment

When negotiators on the highway and mass transit bill formally convened Wednesday, it took only a few minutes for them to cut their first deal: Rep. Bill Shuster was named chairman of the conference committee.

A Silent Majority on War

In the eyes of some lawmakers, if Congress were a member of the military it would be judged derelict in its duty. But on Capitol Hill, politics often trumps duty.

Sanders Pursues Next Job With Interest in Post He Has Now

Unlike most of his Republican analogues, Bernard Sanders is overtly trying to harness his senatorial work this fall to the service of his presidential campaign.

True Cybersecurity Requires Accountability

By Rep. Frank D. Lucas

An “All of the Above” Approach to Rural Broadband

By Rep. John Shimkus

Connected Vehicle Technology Must Lead to Safer, Less Congested Roads

By Rep. Daniel Lipinski

Safe Harbor 2.0

By Rep. Anna G. Eshoo

Watch Live: Joint Hearing on Secret Service Privacy Violations

Two House and Senate Homeland Security subcommittees hold a joint hearing Tuesday on a Homeland Security Department report on the Secret Service’s alleged violations of the Privacy Act and the department policy for illegally accessing and disclosing information from Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s failed 2003 Secret Service job application.

Two Veteran Chairmen in Forefront After Paris Attacks

After the Sept. 11 attacks, the most famous moment when terrorism instantly replaced the economy as the congressional agenda item, editors here struggled to assemble a list of 28 lawmakers prepared to take ownership of the Hill’s new mission.

Last Summer's Confederate Flag Flap Was Not a Fight Calvert Wanted to Wage

Ken Calvert, a moderate and mild-mannered Republican from Southern California, wound up at the center of a midsummer debate over the Confederate flag that got so heated it torpedoed the entire government appropriations process.

GOP Governors Say No to Syrian Refugees

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott dispatched a message Monday to President Barack Obama: Syrian refugees will be unwelcome in the Lone Star State.

House Conservative Favorite Eyes Unusual Career Switch

The path from the legislative to the executive branch is as well-worn as usual, with five senators and a former senator now hoping to succeed another onetime senator as president and 15 former members joining the Cabinets of the Obama and George Bush administrations.

Tribal Lobbying Is Booming After Abramoff Scandal

The Gila River Indian Community, an Arizona tribe that operates casinos near Phoenix wants to stop another tribe from opening a rival enterprise. So Gila River mobilized its lobbyists at Washington’s biggest firm.

FDA Plan for Generic Drug Names Gets Panned by FTC

With an estimated $60 billion worth of biotech drugs due to lose patent protection in 2016, the Food and Drug Administration is grappling with how it will review copycat versions of the products.

Hill Staff Predict Rubio Will Be GOP Nominee

While nationwide polls have consistently shown Donald Trump and Ben Carson leading the pack of Republicans seeking the party’s nomination for the White House in 2016, a CQ Roll Call survey shows congressional staff members say the eventual nominee will be a current lawmaker — Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

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