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Week In Review: Ports Recovery And Protectionism

This week the 29 West Coast ports began their recovery from a damaging nine-month labor dispute that led to work slowdowns. Container ships lined up off shore as they waited to dock and unload their containers.

Atlantic Drilling Back on Table After Spill Delay

President Barack Obama first put Atlantic drilling on the table in March 2010, as part of a strategy to bring more Republicans to the negotiating table for a comprehensive climate change bill in the Senate.

Maryland, Virginia Members Disagree on Atlantic Oil Drilling

The Obama administration’s recent proposal to lease oil and gas drilling in a swath of the Atlantic Ocean generated the expected mix of cheers and jeers on Capitol Hill, but local reaction was mostly divided along state borders rather than party affiliations.

Weekly Wrapup: Net Neutrality and City-Owned Broadband

The Federal Communications Commission took historic action this week to claim broader regulatory authority over broadband service providers, reclassifying broadband service under a 1934 law that governs common carriers. Your Weekly Wrapup includes posts on the FCC’s net neutrality rules, city-owned broadband and a tax bill in Oregon that state lawmakers hope will attract Google Fiber and others.

Weekly Recap: Jihadi John, Homeland Security Department, Afghanistan

Nuclear Power Would Get Boost Under Illinois Proposal

Illinois lawmakers are pushing to support the state’s nuclear power industry with a bill just introduced, CQ Roll Call’s Ed Felker reported Thursday:

Oregon Senate Panel Advances Tax Bill that Lawmakers Hope Will Attract Google Fiber and Others

An Oregon state Senate committee approved legislation Thursday that could “resolve years of dispute over state taxes on telecommunications companies,” The Oregonian reports. The measure has drawn objection from cities, according to the newspaper.

Consumer Group Says FDA Might Be Delaying Drug Label Rule

The consumer watchdog group Public Citizen suspects the Food and Drug Administration may be succumbing to influence from the drug industry and slow-walking a proposal that would allow generic drugmakers to update labels if safety problems arise once products are on the market.

Transportation Budget Has $3 Million For Nuclear Ship

The Iran End Game | Commentary

By Richard Klass

Net Neutrality Rules Wasn't the Only Item the FCC Voted on Thursday

The big news Thursday was the Federal Communications Commission’s vote of net neutrality rules, so you might have missed another significant action the commission took Thursday. It pre-empted portions of state law in North Carolina and Tennessee that petitioners have argued restrict their ability to expand municipal broadband offerings.

Net Neutrality Meeting Highlights

In case you missed Thursday’s historic Federal Communications Commission vote on net neutrality rules, here are some highlights.

Presidential Hopefuls Skirt FEC Rules | Rules of the Game

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s political organization is opening a campaign office for him in Iowa. Ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is meeting with major donors and hosting dozens of fundraisers around the country. Hillary Rodham Clinton, former senator, secretary of State and first lady, is quietly hand-picking a team of high-level advisers to run her anticipated White House bid.

FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday approved net neutrality rules in a 3-2 vote that would reclassify broadband service as a public utility under Title II of the 1934 Communications Act.

In Threat Report, Right-Wing Extremists or 'Right-Wing Extremists?'

Reason has shared an intelligence assessment from within the Department of Homeland Security this month that CNN had reported was about the potentially dire threat posed by right-wing extremists.

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