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Blizzard Economics Creates Winners And Losers

The blizzard that hit parts of the Northeast Tuesday may have been a bit of bust for New York City (9.8 inches in Central Park) and led to charges that Gov. Andrew Cuomo over-reached by ordering roads and mass transit to be shut down at 11pm Monday.

Boeing: Fuel Savings Not Sole Factor In Aircraft Buys

Lower oil prices have not changed airlines’ plans to buy fuel-efficient Boeing airplanes, Boeing CEO Jim McNerney said Wednesday.

FAA Warns No Drones Allowed at the Super Bowl

In case you were thinking of bringing your drone to the Super Bowl this weekend, the Federal Aviation Administration is issuing a reminder that no drones are allowed.

State of Play on Net Neutrality Legislation: It's Still a GOP Bill

A number of Democrats on the Hill see issues with a net neutrality bill proposed by GOP leaders of the House Energy and Commerce and Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committees. On Wednesday, the chairman of the Senate panel gave a state of play on whether any Democrats are on board the proposal. The short answer: none yet.

Infrastructure Bonds Provide Funding Option

Robert Puentes, an infrastructure expert at the Brookings Institution, said federally backed infrastructure bonds could encourage state and local governments to step into the bond market once again.

Tailing Europe, U.S. Is on the Road to New Investment Bonds

The White House’s idea to promote public- private partnerships with a new kind of investment bond could raise billions of dollars for transportation projects with relatively little fiscal effect on the government, but the big infrastructure projects carry big risks for the private sector.

Analysts: U.S. Shale Will Prolong/Ride Out Price Crunch

Get ready for $35 oil?

Data Privacy Day: Op-Eds Call for ECPA Update

A couple op-eds timed for Data Privacy Day today reiterate calls for lawmakers to pass an update of the 1986 Electronic Communications Act.

Medicare Advisers to Focus on Cancer Tests

A panel of Medicare advisers will review evidence of how well certain tests work in helping doctors gauge the progress of lung, breast and colon cancer and what help these diagnostics can provide in choosing treatments.

Big Pentagon Budget Details Leak

CQ.com had the scoop on the big picture Pentagon budget proposal figures for fiscal 2016. Now the floodgates are open.

Health Savings Account Balances Increase

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-exempt account used to pay for health care expenses. Ideally, the account allows an individual to monitor and better manage health care services. A separate Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) is a similar type of account but is employer-funded and reimburses an employee for medical expenses. Together, over $22 billion is invested in the two types of accounts. This week, the Employee Benefit Research Institute reported on details of the two types of plans. The EBRI notes that the overall average account balance for HSAs and HRAs was $2,077 in 2014, up from $1,356 in 2008. The report also notes that accounts with an employer contribution had a higher average balance ($2,403) than those without one ($2,046).

A Warren Buffett Utility Looks to Beat Tax Expiration

Berkshire Hathaway’s Nevada utility company NV Energy is doubling down on efforts to boost its renewable generation resources in order to ensure that projects qualify for tax incentives.

Draft Proposal Seeks to Spur Medical Breakthroughs

The House Energy and Commerce Committee on Tuesday unveiled a discussion draft (view summary) of a long-awaited plan (view accompanying white paper) to spur medical breakthroughs. The early version of the measure — dubbed the 21st Century Cures Act — seeks to promote the development of new medical advances for drugs and medical devices through an overhaul of the product and federal agency regulatory process and modernizing the development and examination of new treatments in clinical trials.

Military Technology, Enforcement: Answer to White House Drone?

This week, a drone landed on the White House lawn thanks to a reportedly drunken pilot, causing a mild security panic. It got President Obama himself talking about the need to regulate drones in civilian airspace. And most everybody agrees that the behind-schedule Federal Aviation Administration regulations in the works would at least clarify some things, if the lawn crash doesn’t slow them down even more. But it might not be the best answer to the security threat posed by civilian drones.

Left Versus Right On How To Build Infrastructure

Two sharply contrasting views of transportation policy were on display in Washington Tuesday.

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