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Empathy: Trump's New Hampshire Snow Job

Londonderry, N.H. — The final questioner at a deliberately understated Donald Trump town hall was a former United Airlines flight attendant who had almost been working on one of the doomed 9/11 flights. As she explained in her moving, but rambling, tale of survivor guilt, “I was so angry and so sad. And the two together, it was tough to function.”

A Lecture on Sexism from Noted Feminist Bill Clinton

Like other humans, women don’t usually love being told how to feel, what to think or whom to support. Guilt trips often go nowhere. And threats that those naughty girls who won’t fall in line just might go to hell? They not only don’t work, but backfire.

N.H. Forecast: Only the Snow Is a Definite

NASHUA, N.H. — What will happen in Tuesday’s Republican primary here? First, let’s examine the unlikely possibility that someone other than Donald Trump could win the state. Again, this is highly unlikely, as The Donald has amassed a “yuge” lead, but of course it’s still possible; New Hampshire likes to surprise us, likes to keep us guessing.

Rubio: Too Glib for His Own Good?

Jeb's Last Stand: 'Let's Talk About Getting George Bush Elected!'

Bedford, N.H. — Tom Ridge had barely begun introducing Jeb Bush at a town hall here on Saturday when he called out to the over-capacity crowd, “Let’s talk about getting George Bush elected!”

When Even Poisoning Children Is Political, That’s an American Tragedy

A Long Primary Is Good for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s victory in Iowa Monday night was far more decisive than the razor-thin margin would indicate.

Stayin' Alive: Marco's Moment?

“This is the moment they said would never happen,” Marco Rubio declared after the Iowa results were announced. “For months they told us we had no chance. Because we offered too much optimism in a time of anger, we had no chance.”

Steve Israel, Ace Fundraiser: Dialing for Dollars an 'Unnecessary Evil'

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Bloomberg Can't Win, Ought to Run Anyway

If former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg decides to run for president this year, he’s not going to win. He should still run, however, to establish a moderate political movement that lasts beyond 2016.

Democrats Say: Learn From the Bern

If you are a Democratic member of Congress or care about someone who is, I understand the pit in your stomach. Hillary Clinton had a 69-percent approval rating when you thought she’d boogaloo her way to the nomination in 2016. Now that it actually is 2016, it’s Bernard Sanders, the 74-year-old unkempt, professional grump who is filling stadiums with college kids and running ads so good they make you remember why you got into this soul-crushing business in the first place. And did I mention he’s a socialist?

Cruz Wins, But Iowa Barely Winnows Field

Bulletin: The Iowa caucuses did not nominate a presidential candidate in either party.

Revenge of the Old Fogies

While the decision makers at news organizations from the Public Broadcasting System to CNN and the three major networks scramble to appeal to younger viewers, often by skewing younger with their hosts and commentators, Republican and Democratic voters in Iowa and nationally have embraced a remarkably “mature” handful of top tier candidates.

Handicapping the GOP Race Past Iowa

Have we entered a new period in American politics, when establishment candidates on the GOP side don’t win their party’s nomination? That is the question I posed in a June 4, 2015 column. It is still a relevant question.

Will Trump Drive Away Next Generation of Hispanic Leaders?

In a middle school classroom in north Los Angeles, a group of mostly-Latino eighth graders were asked to explain what they knew about the candidates running for president. Their answers should make every Republican worry about the future. The three terms that came up over and over again, in conjunction with one another, were “Donald Trump,” “racist” and “Republican Party.”




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