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Pelosi Says Netanyahu Address 'Not Appropriate'

PHILADELPHIA As the controversy builds over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus planned address to a joint session of Congress this spring, Nancy Pelosi weighed in again Wednesday with a more forceful rebuke of what she and the White House have called a breach in protocol.

Cruz Says Fate of 'Dangerous' Lynch Up to McConnell

Sen. Ted Cruz called attorney general nominee Loretta Lynchs immigration views dangerous Wednesday and questioned whether Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., should even have the chamber consider her nomination.

Lynch Hearing Gives Senators Chance to Vent

The hot lights of an attorney general nomination hearing gave Republicans a chance to unload on the White House in front of the TV cameras Wednesday on grievances ranging from immigration to marijuana policy.

Vote for Your Favorite Deflategate Capitol Quip!

The five finalists for this weeks caption contest are ready for your votes.

Overheard: Boehner 'Not Sure' if He's Golfing This Weekend

Im not sure what I might be doing tomorrow.

Senators Confirm Re-Election Bids for 2016

The 2016 cycle could feature the fewest open Senate seats in at least a decade.

Run! To Cherry Blossom Registration in Rayburn Foyer

Cherry Blossom Run organizers are making it easy for congressional staffers and interns to register for the Capitol Hill Competition of Aprils fabled foot race.

Infrastructure Bonds Provide Funding Option

Robert Puentes, an infrastructure expert at the Brookings Institution, said federally backed infrastructure bonds could encourage state and local governments to step into the bond market once again.

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Tailing Europe, U.S. Is on the Road to New Investment Bonds

The White Houses idea to promote public- private partnerships with a new kind of investment bond could raise billions of dollars for transportation projects with relatively little fiscal effect on the government, but the big infrastructure projects carry big risks for the private sector.

White House Helping Democrats Shape Message to Middle Class

The same day House Democrats are set to go to their annual issues conference in Philadelphia to discuss messaging for the 2016 election cycle, among other things, the caucuss new messaging group held its inaugural meeting on Capitol Hill.

Govs Rib Each Other Over Snowstorm

The governor of Vermont tweaked the governor of another New England state Wednesday morning for his states handling of the snowstorm that hit earlier this week.

GOP Snowmobile Trek Mirrors Meat Week

Reps. Dan Benishek and Bill Huizenga are hitting the back roads of the Wolverine State Thursday for their 2nd Annual Congressional Snowmobile Ride a wintry romp punctuated by plenty of meaty pit stops.

Jerry Moran Kicks Off 2016 Cycle With $1.4 Million War Chest

Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., has more than $1 million in his war chest heading into the 2016 campaign cycle, when he faces re-election.

Lynch to Say She Wants Better Relations With Congress

When attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch takes the hot seat Wednesday morning, shes planning to tell senators that shes aiming for better relations with the legislative branch.

HOH Name Game: First Names First

Its time again for the HOH name game, when we provide a little public service with our handy pronunciation guide for members whose names have the potential to trip up those in and around the Capitol. Todays group is the First Names First Caucus, those members whose first names have a much bigger potential to be mispronounced than their last.

Menendez Changes His Tune

Robert Menendez has gone from administration goat to hero in a week.

Republican Champion of Dodd-Frank Changes Goes After Elizabeth Warren

When your greatest legislative achievement is passing one of the most contentious provisions in the 113th Congress a Dodd-Frank rollback that lobbyists literally helped write taking credit for the legislation is a delicate art.

Next Drone Incursion: Reasons to Buzz Capitol Hill

You have to read to the 128th page of the 131-page rulebook governing the publics movements and behavior on Capitol Hill. But there it is in Section 16.2.90, tucked between admonitions against flying a kite or taking a nap in the shadow of the Dome.

Score One for Norquist, GOP on 529 College Savings Accounts

Somewhere, Grover Norquist is happily tweeting over his latest victory.

An Off-Ramp in Immigration Showdown

Republican leaders may have found the eventual off-ramp in their showdown with the White House over immigration.




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