Ryan Reads Mean Tweets

One called him what pleated khakis would look like if they became a person

Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., released a video of himself reading mean tweets. (Paul Ryan via Twitter)

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan took a spin on the celebrity tradition of reading mean tweets about himself in a video posted Wednesday.

Ryan’s video is derived from a segment on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night talk show in which celebrities read insulting posts on social media directed toward them.

In response to one tweet saying he could be a “live-action Disney villain” because of his widow’s peak, Ryan said he’s been called “Eddie Munster” because of his hair.

Another tweet said Ryan was proof “you don’t need a spine to do P90X,” a play on the fact Ryan is an avid practitioner of the workout program.

One tweet said Ryan, who was in a fraternity while at Miami University in Ohio, was “the kind of guy who crashes your kegger, drinks all your beer, and then calls the cops to make a noise complaint.”

“Pretty good idea,” the speaker said.

As a reply to another tweet that said he is “what it would look like if a pair of pleated khakis became a person,” Ryan said “I haven’t worn pleated khakis in at least six months.”

Ryan’s last bit was an exchange of Bad Dad Jokes with North Carolina GOP Rep. Patrick McHenry for Father’s Day.

Ryan is retiring at the end of the current Congress.

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