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Vote Now in the #RCReadersChoice Runoff

Readers will have one more opportunity this week to pick the House and Senate races Roll Call will cover from the ground in the final weeks of the midterms.

The Roll Call Fab 50: An Evolution Begins

Fab∑u∑lous (adjective): extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large. amazingly good; wonderful.

Fight for Senate Control Down to Five States

With six weeks to go, the fight for control of the Senate is down to five states, four of them currently held by Democrats.

Democrat Hoops it Up In New TV Ad (Video)

Freshman Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., released a new television ad Tuesday revisiting a familiar theme in her media campaign: basketball.

Jihadists with European Passports Spur Closer Look at Visa Waiver Program

President Barack Obama will lead a UN Security Council meeting Thursday to discuss what UN member nations can do to track and deter the growing number of foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq.

Rock the Vote — Where 'Kimye' and Politics Collide

Keeping up with the latest Kardashian gossip and knowing the difference between the names on your ballot arenít mutually exclusive.

Lofgren: Section 1201 in 'Desperate Need of a Fix'

One of California Democrat Zoe Lofgrenís legislative priorities for next Congress: a change to anti-circumvention provisions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Congress Reacts to Syria Airstrikes

Congressional hawks are cheering the multifaceted overnight airstrikes in Syria that included attacks on Islamic State insurgents and an al Qaida offshoot called the Khorasan Group, while others are lamenting Congressí decision to duck a war authorization vote.

Burwell Addresses Health Law; Conferences Examine Ebola & New SCOTUS Term

This afternoon, as Department of Health and Human Services staff prepare the website for the Nov. 15 start of a new enrollment period for health insurance exchange plans, HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell will deliver remarks on the Affordable Care Act. The event is hosted by the Brookings Institution and the speech will be webcast online but requires registration. Health care economist Alice M. Rivlin will offer introductory comments.

Obama Touts Congressional Support for Syria Strikes (Video)

Congress ducked a Syria war authorization vote, but that isnít stopping President Barack Obama from touting support for his airstrikes against the Islamic State and other terror groups in Syria.

You Say USEC...

Iíve read about it several times, but USECís new name wonít stick in my head.As it emerges from bankruptcy, Centrus Energy Corp. will be the parent company over subsidiaries including U.S. Enrichment Corp., which has a contract to continue work on the American Centrifuge Project to provide a domestic source for uranium. The troubled company has been struggling to develop marketable U.S. technology for low enriched uranium since it was privatized from Energy Department projects decades ago. While names of the subsidiaries will remain unchanged, the rebranding effort could provide some distance from the questions raised by USECís cozy relationship to the department that birthed it. Hypothesizing about boardroom etymology, I note Centrus does have elements of US and centrifuge, a reference the company acknowledged. While the name is a bit obscure, the new ticker symbol will be easier to remember. USEC (USU) is expected to begin trading next week on the New York Stock Exchange as shares of Centrus Energy Corp. with stock symbol LEU, the common industry acronym for low enriched uranium.

A Crowded National Security Agenda (With ISIS at the Forefront)

At a forum hosted by Just Security and CQ Roll Call on Monday, the spotlight was on how Congress has been weighing its options for action against the now notorious terrorist group, the Islamic State ó and how the fight against the group has crowded out other national security issues.

Vehicle Miles Driven Continues To Bounce Back

The number of miles Americans traveled on the nationís highways and roads increased in July by 1.5 percent, compared to last July, according to the Traffic Volume Trends monthly report issued by the Federal Highway Administration.

Economist Weighs in on Health Law and Argues Against Tax Break for Employer Coverage

Ahead of the Nov. 15 start of a new enrollment period for health insurance exchange plans, the Economist magazine this week examines impact of the health care overhaul law in reducing health care cost and providing insurance coverage to the uninsured. The report notes that the U.S. health system is ďterrible at controlling costs,Ē largely due to the Medicare system of paying providers for services instead of patient health outcomes and an insurance marketplace that does not disclose the actual cost of treatments to patients. However, the magazine cites recent studies that indicate the insurance exchanges and an expanded Medicaid program have reduced the rate of uninsured persons.

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