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10 Races to Watch in 2016: North Carolina Senate

Tar Heel State residents should enjoy the absence of political ads on their airwaves while they can.

10 Races to Watch in 2016: Florida's 2nd District

Rep.-elect Gwen Graham, with her famous family name and nimble campaign operation, was one of only two Democrats to oust a Republican incumbent in 2014.

10 Races to Watch in 2016: New York's 11th District

Rep. Michael G. Grimm, R-N.Y., pled guilty Tuesday to one count of federal tax evasion but refused to resign his seat, creating chaos in this Staten Island-based district even before the 114th Congress is sworn in.

A Look Back At Our Favorite Stories Of The Year

Since we launched The Container in June, transportation news has been dominated by one big trend, the decline in oil and gasoline prices, by an Ebola outbreak that caused jitters in the aviation industry, and by a range of tough policy choices that Congress has faced.

The Case for Protected Status for Central American Migrants | Commentary

In recent years, the United States has experienced a steady rise in unauthorized migration from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, the “northern triangle” countries of Central America. A crippling set of adverse conditions — including staggeringly high crime rates, weak government institutions and scarce employment opportunities — is fueling this trend. Transnational gangs are now a formidable political force in the region, generating protracted violence that has caused thousands to flee.

North Carolina Twitter Data Offers Campaign Lessons

It was neck-and-neck to the bitter end, the dollars flowing freely into harsh television attack ads with a price tag topping $81.6 million, the most expensive Senate race in 2014.

And the Year it Was: Hill Navigator’s Best of 2014

It’s been another year of advice giving, observing staffers and commenting on the workplace. The Senate changed hands. Staffers were fired. Campaigns were won (and lost) and fresh faces are beginning to arrive on Capitol Hill in time for a January swearing-in.

Members of Congress Cut Anti-Drunk Driving Spots (Audio)

Thinking about hitting the road after knocking back a whole mess of eggnog?

House Rule Change Would Force Long-Term Estimates for Major Bills

House Republicans are moving to increase the use of dynamic scoring through a rules change that would require long-term estimates of the economic effects of major legislation.

Constitutional Points of Order Must Cite Offensive Provisions | Procedural Politics

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, attempted Dec. 6 to block funding for the president’s executive order on immigration by raising a constitutional point of order against the Homeland Security portion of the “cromnibus” appropriations bill. It was a clever eleventh-hour gambit to dramatize the issue. However, it completely missed the mark as a credible point of order because it did not cite any provision of the bill that clearly violated some provision of the Constitution.

10 Races to Watch in 2016: Illinois Senate

Sen. Mark S. Kirk, R-Ill., is adamant he will seek re-election in the Land of Lincoln, giving forceful declarations of his intentions to national and local press.

Does Steve Stockman Case Argue Merits of Subpoena Power for Ethics Office?

For evidence of how the Office of Congressional Ethics could use subpoena power, look at its investigation of Rep. Steve Stockman.

Civil Rights and Racial Justice Groups Support Real Net Neutrality, Reclassification | Commentary

Known Verizon hired gun Marty Chavez recently purported to speak not just for the Hispanic Technology and Telecom Partnership, but also the “vast majority” of civil rights organizations on the issue of net neutrality and reclassification (“Why Minorities Oppose Utility Regulations on the Internet,” Roll Call, Dec. 16).

Most Encouraging, or Discouraging, Of 2014, Part Four

Here’s the final installment in our round-up of views on the most encouraging, or discouraging, transportation news of 2014.

In New Role on Capitol Hill, Duppler Goes From 'Outsider' to 'Insider'

In a town where everyone wants to be heard, a big part of Mattie Duppler’s job is to listen.

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