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Rand Paul Proposes Higher Defense Spending — If It's Paid for

Sen. Rand Paul doesn’t have a problem with increasing the defense budget, but he wants real offsets.

Appropriator Pushes for Good Deals on Drug Stockpile

The chairman of the House panel that oversees most discretionary federal health spending wants ensure that the government is negotiating the good deals for medicines held in the national stockpile of treatments for potential terrorist attacks and severe flu pandemic

#tbt Trivia: Strange Mailings Edition

Lawmakers Show Off Blades of Glory

BALLSTON, Va. — Canadians and Minnesotans are some of the nicest people you can meet — unless they have a hockey stick in their hands.

Capitol Fun Police? Farr Opposes July Fourth Security Plan

One of the House’s most liberal Democrats vowed to be the “squeaky wheel” if congressional leaders agree to recommendations from Hill law enforcement to limit access to the Capitol on July Fourth.

Coats' Top Aide Enters Indiana Senate Contest

Updated, 12:35 p.m. | Eric Holcomb, a congressional staffer and former Indiana GOP chairman, announced a bid Thursday to succeed retiring Sen. Dan Coats, becoming the first Republican to enter what could be a crowded primary field.

House Passes SGR Deal in Big, Bipartisan Fashion (Video)

On Thursday, the House touched the third rail. Lawmakers didn’t punt. They didn’t kick the can down the road. And they were bigger than the clichés that have come to describe the predictable patterns of Congress.

Alps Crash Appears To Have Been Deliberate

When aviation safety experts speaks of “the insider threat,” they mean not only aircraft maintenance workers who smuggle weapons or drugs aboard planes, or place a bomb on a plane, but pilots or co-pilots who deliberately crash their aircraft.

Stop Feeding the Trolls | Commentary

By Mark Griffin

Abusing a Congressional Small Business Program: Paving the Road to Hell | Commentary

By Ev Ehrlich

Vote-a-Rama Presents Political Peril for Vulnerable Incumbents

Senators aren’t making law as they complete work on the budget resolution, but for those facing the voters in 2016, the affair is riddled with political landmines, often set deliberately by the other party.

Live, On Periscope, From the Vote-a-Rama

For a pair of Republican senators, the budget vote-a-rama seemed like a great time to demonstrate they aren’t luddites.

Freshman Senator: Pay for Obamacare Replacement With ... Obamacare

Bill Cassidy, the freshman senator from Louisiana and a doctor, has been pushing fellow Republicans in his first few months in the Senate to embrace an alternative to Obamacare — one he predicts will insure more people without mandates.

Former Staffer Is Off the Hill, but Still On the Grind

Robert McAlister didn’t know anything about the coffee business. But he knew he enjoyed drinking coffee.

Voting Marathon: More Test Marketing Than Attack Ads

Senators readying their patience, their reading material and even their bladders for the annual ritual known as the “vote-a-rama” may rightfully be getting ready to ask, “Will it be worth it?”

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