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CQ Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game

2013 Game Coverage

Richmond Dominates Again for Democrats

House Democrats may not be able to reclaim the majority for another decade because of redistricting, but for as long as Rep. Cedric L. Richmond, D-La., is an elected official, they’re certain to reign supreme on the baseball diamond.

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Republicans Rebuild, but Democrats Reload

After two consecutive losses to Louisiana Rep. Cedric L. Richmond, the ace of the Democrats’ pitching staff, Republicans are rebuilding. But unfortunately for the GOP, Democrats might be reloading.

Democratic Roster | Republican Roster

Wamp's Gear Made for Hall of Fame Career

Former Rep. Zach Wamp’s baseball career included an MVP award, an inside-the-park home run, a hitting streak that spanned the length of his tenure on the diamond and a batting average better than .500. Not bad for a self-described “B-minus athlete.”

Democratic Team Spotlight: The Democrats' 'Adam Bomb'

Rep. Adam Smith said his baseball career ended as a kid because he was too hard on himself — a condition the Washington Democrat chalked up to the mental issues of a child who simply took the game too seriously.

GOP Team Spotlight: Flake at the Hot Corner

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., was brought onboard the Republican congressional baseball team under false pretenses, and a boatload of great expectations, thanks to a mischievous House colleague.

Literacy Center Scores Big Win

For Antonio Ward, the hardest part was admitting that he couldn’t read. “I did well in elementary school, but not in middle school,” he said. “I couldn’t read like the other kids. By high school, I was ashamed. I was getting older and hanging with the wrong kind of kids.” Ward dropped out of high school. He tried to get into a GED program but could not pass the assessment test.

GOP Hopes Lie in Small Ball

While Republicans have dominated the Congressional Baseball Game over the past half-century, 33-18-1 in the Roll Call era, Democrats go into this year’s matchup as the odds-on favorite to continue their four-game winning streak, led by Rep. Cedric L. Richmond on the mound. For the past two years, the congressman from Louisiana has served gumbo that’s too hot for Republican batters.

Natitude? Annual Matchup Brings the Congresstude

Natitude has hit Washingtonians hard with the kickoff of the Major League Baseball season and fans rooting for the Nationals to bring home World Series rings. But everyone knows the one championship you can count on at Nationals Park is on June 13, when Democrats and Republicans face off for the 52nd Annual CQ Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game.

2012 Game Coverage

Democrats Best Republicans in Baseball, 18-5

In one of the most partisan days on Capitol Hill in recent memory, Democrats retaliated against Republicans on the diamond, holding their GOP colleagues in baseball contempt just hours after Republicans had done the same with their attorney general.

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Home Run Lands Ron Paul in Hall of Fame

There are Hall of Famers like Hank Aaron, who piled up massive numbers over long careers. And there are Hall of Famers like Bill Mazeroski, who had nice careers but earned their enshrinement based on singular moments. This year’s CQ Roll Call Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame inductee falls into the latter category.

Fall Elections Shape Future Rosters

Pulled muscles and back injuries are nothing compared to the devastation the fall elections could inflict on the rosters for the 2013 edition of the CQ Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game.

America’s Pastime Meets America’s Policymakers

Like any newer franchise, the Washington Nationals have faced challenges: finding talent, building a stadium and cultivating a fan base in a city dominated by two of America’s other favorite sports — politics and football.

GOP Prepared for Democrats’ Star

In the 51st Annual CQ Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game, the Democrats’ secret weapon is out of the bag. First-term Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) took to the mound in last summer’s game and surprised the Republicans with his pitching skills, keeping the GOP hitless into the sixth inning and carrying the Democrats to an 8-2 victory.

Brady Honors a Hometown Hero

When the teams take the field for the 51st Annual CQ Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game, there will be one extra coach on hand.

J-Rod Is Democrats’ A-Rod

He shrugs it off as just a nickname. But his teammates don’t. “Everyone on the team has a nickname; mine’s J-Rod,” Rep. Jared Polis said, shaking off even a glimmer of comparison with MLB star Alex Rodriguez. Polis acknowledges his skill, even if he doesn’t tout the irony of being paired with the oft-reviled but Hall of Fame-worthy Yankee.

Game Helps Literacy Center Find New, Improved Home

What can you buy at a baseball game? Peanuts and Cracker Jacks, of course. And in this case, a new home for a local nonprofit.

For Summer Congressional Classic, GOP Looking for Answers

As Members of Congress begin preparing for this summer’s 51st Annual CQ Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game, Republicans are faced with two challenges: replacing their longtime pitching ace and neutralizing a rising Democratic star. Rep. Cedric Richmond wowed both teams with his masterful pitching performance in last year’s game.

Video: 2011 Game Highlights

2011 Game Coverage

One Great Player Could Mean Years of Baseball Victories

Remember all that talk in 2009 about Red Sox World Series hero Curt Schilling running for the Senate in Massachusetts? For the GOP baseball team, it might be time to revisit that idea. The Republicans are going to need some help if they hope to reclaim the coveted Roll Call trophy during what appears certain to become known in Congressional baseball lore as the Cedric Richmond era.

2011 Box Score (PDF)

For Love of the Game

On Thursday night at Nationals Park, there was no bitterness. There was no bickering over the national debt. There wasn’t even the typical July Beltway heat or humidity.

Injuries Don’t Stop Congressional Ballplayers

"Health care now! Health care now!”
The jeers swelled across the Democrats’ side of the stadium, shrill cries conflating sports with politics during the 1994 Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game. Crumpled on the ground, in so much pain that he couldn’t make out the chants, was then-Rep. Mike Oxley (R-Ohio). Running into first baseman Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) had shattered the bones in Oxley’s left arm.

For These Four Lawmakers, Baseball’s a Household Affair

When Rep. Erik Paulsen finally found a place to live in Washington, his housemates made him agree to one extra stipulation: He had to play baseball. “I had no choice,” the Minnesota Republican said jokingly. Three years ago, Paulsen moved into a town house shared with Reps. John Shimkus (Ill.), Kevin Brady (Texas) and Steve Scalise (La.), all of whom play on the Republican Congressional baseball team.

Video: Stories From Past and Present Stars of the Congressional Baseball Game

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