What Remains on Congress’ To-Do List This September

Obama: We’re Hitting ISIS ‘Harder Than Ever’

Watch Live: Senate Hearing on U.S. ISIS Strategy

The Senate Armed Services Committee holds a hearing on the U.S. strategy to combat the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, which follows a prime-time address earlier in the week by President Barack Obama reasserting the administration's plan to defeat the terrorist group.

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Paul J. Selva are expected to testify.

 Carter Opens All Military Jobs to Women

In a landmark decision Thursday, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter ordered the military to open all combat jobs to women, making "no exceptions" granted to applicants qualify for the position.

DoD: Russia 'On Wrong Side' of Syrian Civil War

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter commented on the Russian involvement in the fight against the Islamic State terror group, going as far as saying they are on the wrong side of the war.

"You ask, what are the Russians doing? What the Russians are actually doing is buttressing the Assad regime, which is, as I have said, will have the effect of fanning the flames of the civil war.

Carter Denies Combat Role After Iraq Rescue Mission

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter gave more details on the first combat death since the 2011 Iraq withdrawal. Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler was killed during a rescue mission of 70 hostages held by the Islamic State terror group.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and loved ones of Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler, who will be welcomed home tomorrow by his family, by my wife and myself, who died after assisting our close Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga partners in the rescue of 70 hostages held by ISIL.

DoD Won’t Commit to ISIS ‘Safe Zone’

Despite the insistence of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Defense Department Press Secretary Peter Cook said Tuesday there are no plans to create a safe zone at the border of Turkey and Syria.

DoD: Anthrax Breach Affected Nearly 100 Facilities, 12 States and 7 Countries
 "...expect these numbers to grow."