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DeSantis: Forget President, How 'Bout Ben Carson for Speaker?

DeSantis: Forget President, How 'Bout Ben Carson for Speaker?

Boehner Defends Speakership Amid Party Unrest
“This is one member, alright?”

Despite efforts Wednesday to focus his final news conference before the August recess on GOP accomplishments in the 114th Congress, Speaker John A. Boehner found himself dedicating nearly half of his seven minutes of remarks to an effort by North Carolina Republican Mark Meadows to remove him as speaker.

House Freedom Caucus Member Coy About Membership

Lots of members of the House Freedom Caucus, which has no official roster, can be coy about their involvement in the conservative group. Then there's Scott Perry.

Despite the fact CQ Roll Call has seen him attend several HFC meetings, the Pennsylvania Republican would not confirm to CQ Roll Call Monday night that he's part of the conservative caucus — because the reporter asking the question was not a constituent from the lawmaker's 4th District in south-central Pennsylvania.