What’s the Nuclear Option? Dismantling This Senate Jargon
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Senate Democrats Want Amendments on Refugee Bill

Boehner Counters Reid on Defense Bill

Speaker John A. Boehner rebutted Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid at his weekly news conference Thursday, after the Nevada Democrat earlier in the week threatened to filibuster the National Defense Authorization Act, saying it is “a gesture in futility.”

 McConnell: 'Congress Misreading Public Mood' on FISA
 The Senate majority leader makes final pitch to members on amending the USA Freedom Act.

Ahead of a series of votes on amendments to the USA Freedom Act, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made one last pitch to lawmakers at his weekly news conference Tuesday, acknowledging passage of the changes would be an “uphill battle” while emphasizing the “significant weakening” of National Security Agency capabilities under the House-passed legislation.

Paul Campaign Video Appears to Violate Senate Rules
A recent campaign video may violate Senate rules prohibiting the use of Senate proceedings for political campaign purposes.


One of Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential campaign videos that appeared to violate Senate rules has been taken down. But a new campaign video seems to be taking advantage of a gray area in the rule.