Discharge Petition

House Votes to Revive Ex-Im Bank

They got warmed up early Tuesday evening, when the support of nearly every Democrat made it possible for 127 Republicans to circumvent GOP leadership and pass legislation to reopen the Export-Import Bank.

The bipartisan, 313-118 victory was made possible through successful execution of a "discharge petition," a quirky procedural maneuver that forces floor consideration of any bill within a certain window of time, provided enough members sign on in support.

House Vote Scheduled for Ex-Im Reauthorization

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced Friday that 218 members had signed a discharge petition that will create an Oct. 26 vote to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank.

Pelosi: Democrats Will Sign Ex-Im Discharge Petition

Pelosi, speaking at her weekly on-camera news conference, said Democrats would support the discharge petition from Tennessee Republican Stephen Fincher for the Ex-Im Bank, as long as Fincher collected enough signatures from Republicans first so that, with the addition of the Democratic Caucus, it would trigger a vote.