The State of the Union in 3 Minutes

Obama Defends Oil Tax Hike Proposal

President Barack Obama defended his proposed oil fee Friday, saying it would help position the American economy for the future and help transition away from "dirty fuels.” 

Welch: Final SOTU 'One of Obama's Best'

DeFazio Slams Obama's Trade Push

Rep. Peter A. DeFazio, D-Ore., praised President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union for addressing health care and the economy, but was disappointed Obama did not discuss in detail the new Pacific trade deal.

The 2016 State of the Union in 3 Minutes

President Barack Obama touched on the economy, foreign policy and the U.S. political system in his final State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Barrasso Slams Climate Change 'Pay to Play' Money

Sen. John Barrasso hammered the White House on Tuesday for committing $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund ahead of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris later this month, characterizing the money as “pay to play” funds for combating climate change.

House Passes Long-Term Highway Bill

The House passed a more than $325 billion, six-year surface transportation reauthorization package and agreed to a bicameral conference on the legislation during a final round of votes Thursday that wrapped up a dizzying three days of floor debate.

The House voted 363-64 to adopt a package of House amendments to the Senate’s six-year authorization passed at the end of July. That action effectively amounted to the House making its version of the bill an amendment to the Senate's version, thus putting the two measures on the same legislative vehicle.