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Trump Signs Election Meddling Order, But No Mention of Russia White House says they will keep talking to lawmakers as Senate bill lingers

Sep 12, 2018...President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at punishing foreign actors that interfere with U.S. elections, senior administration officials said Wednesday.

Graham, Menendez Introduce ‘Sanctions Bill From Hell’ Targeting Russia and Putin Bipartisan bill also would make it harder to leave NATO

Aug 2, 2018...A bipartisan Senate contingent has introduced what Republican Lindsey Graham has called the “sanctions bill from hell,” targeting Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

Senate Quandary: How to Sanction Russia Without Harming Europe Foreign Relations chairman predicts resolution in coming weeks

Sep 5, 2018...As senators deliberate over legislation to impose new sanctions on Russia, former government officials warned against any action that would harm European allies that rely on gas imports from Russia.

Cory Gardner Renews Call for Russia to Be Declared Sponsor of Terrorism After Reports on Sonic Attacks Colorado Republican also wants floor time for Russia sanctions package

Sep 11, 2018...A recent report that Russia is likely behind mysterious “sonic attacks” on U.S. diplomatic personnel in Cuba and China has led a Republican senator to renew his call to designate Russia a state sponsor of terror.

State Department Hedges on Proposed New Russia Sanctions Trump administration “needs discretion”

Aug 21, 2018...A senior State Department official on Tuesday urged senators to give the Trump administration considerable leeway as lawmakers contemplate new punitive sanctions against Russia.

Senators Eye New Russia Sanctions as Trump Defends Putin Summit Corker on GOP unity with Trump: 'It feels like the dam is breaking'

Jul 17, 2018...As some senators discuss slapping new sanctions on Moscow, President Donald Trump is defending his widely panned summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, tweeting he had a “great” meeting with NATO allies but an “even better” one with the Russian president.

Republicans Back From Russia Have Advice for Trump Before Putin Summit President needs to be prepared and perhaps not alone

Jul 12, 2018...Republican senators who recently returned from Moscow have some advice for President Donald Trump ahead of his meeting Monday in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin: Be prepared, be careful and try not to be alone.

Ryan: Putin is 'Not Our Friend'

Jul 12, 2018...Speaker Paul D. Ryan and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke about President Donald Trump's upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ryan said Trump should be cautious when meeting with the leader, while Pelosi said Trump's behavior "begs the question" of what Russia has on the president "politically, financially and personally."

Trump Won’t Follow Congressional Directives on Russia and Crimea Defense authorization signing statement effectively discards restrictions on recognizing Crimea as Russian

Aug 14, 2018...President Donald Trump objects to an effort by Congress to prevent his administration from recognizing Crimea as part of Russia.

Rand Paul Suggests Talking to Russia About the Size of NATO Comments follow travels to Russia and golf with Trump

Aug 21, 2018...Sen. Rand Paul floated the possibility of a dialogue with Russia about keeping NATO from further expanding its umbrella into Eastern Europe.