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Reed, Menendez press Trump for ‘immediate’ info on talks with Russia’s Putin Duo sent letter to president hours before Giuliani suggests some 2016 collusion from campaign

Jan 17, 2019...As a top lawyer for Donald Trump suggests some members of the president’s 2016 campaign worked with Russians, two top Senate Democrats want answers about whether the commander in chief properly handled sensitive information about his contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Mueller says messaging apps likely destroyed Trump-Russia evidence Tech challenges prevented special counsel from establishing full picture of what happened

Apr 19, 2019...Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III concluded that there was insufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against individuals connected with President Donald Trump’s campaign for their ties to Russia, but he said the investigation faced numerous challenges, including technological ones, in establishing a full picture of what transpired in 2015 and 2016.

Trump-Russia collusion: What the Mueller report says — and doesn’t say Mueller found ‘evidence of numerous links’ between campaign and Russians but not enough to support conspiracy

Apr 18, 2019...Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III uncovered “evidence of numerous links” between Donald Trump campaign officials and individuals with or claiming ties to the Russian government, according to a redacted version of his final report released by the Justice Department on Thursday.

As Russia fog lifts for Trump, will Democrats finally see reality? Pushing collusion theories only delayed inevitable reckoning over 2016

Mar 27, 2019...OPINION — Donald Trump has been president for 113 weeks, but last week, well, “That was the week that was,” to repurpose a little ’60s political satire.

What have Trump and Putin talked about? Democrats intend to find out House Democratic chairmen set March 15 deadline for White House, State to produce documents and schedule interviews

Mar 4, 2019...House Democrats announced an expanded investigation Monday into President Donald Trump’s personal communications with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, requesting documents and interviews from people who might have information about those encounters.

Vladimir Putin takes the stage in D.C. World premiere at Arena Stage looks at the ruthless rise of the Russian president

Jan 30, 2019...You can’t get far in Washington, D.C., without someone bringing up Russian President Vladimir Putin and his efforts to interfere in U.S. democracy.

Senators unveil new plan to counter Vladimir Putin’s energy influence in Eastern Europe Chris Murphy and Ron Johnson leading bipartisan effort to improve energy infrastructure

Mar 7, 2019...Bipartisan lawmakers are unveiling Thursday the latest Capitol Hill effort to counter Vladimir Putin’s energy activities in Eastern Europe.

Trump: ‘I never worked for Russia’ President rejects Lindsey Graham’s plan to reopen federal government

Jan 14, 2019...President Donald Trump on Monday denied working for the Russian government after a report detailing a FBI counterintelligence probe into whether he was working for Russia and against U.S. interests.

Senate Hints It Doesn’t Oppose Sanctions Relief for Russian Linked to Putin, Manafort Oleg Deripaska will relinquish majority ownership stake in three companies in exchange for sanctions relief from U.S. Treasury

Dec 19, 2018...The top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee signaled Wednesday that they do not oppose the Treasury Department’s decision to loosen sanctions on three companies owned by a Russian oligarch with links to Russian President Vladimir Putin and key players in Ukrainian politics, including former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Adam Schiff hiring full-time team to investigate Trump’s Russia connections House Intelligence Committee chairman hiring more investigators to revive House Russia probe

Jan 15, 2019...House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is sinking panel resources into a robust investigative staff to revive the probe into President Donald Trump's ties to Russia with roughly seven committee staffers directing their energy full-time.