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Three Things to Watch When Trump, Putin Land in Paris Analysts: ‘Trump is operating from an assumption that he can bully our allies’

Nov 9, 2018...Three days after Republicans lost control of the House, President Donald Trump departed Friday for a diplomatic weekend in Paris that will put him face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin as Democrats with their newfound House majority prepare to explore that relationship more deeply.

Trump to Meet Putin Again Next Month After Another White House Reversal Bolton had said second summit would come after Mueller ends his election probe

Oct 23, 2018...Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet in Paris next month, their second one-on-one meeting this year as the Justice Department continues looking into whether the president’s 2016 campaign sought help from Moscow.

Russia, China, Iran Aim to Sway Elections, Officials Warn First came the dire election warning. Minutes later, more Russian meddling charges

Oct 19, 2018...The Justice Department on Friday charged a Russian woman with election interference just as top U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies warned that Russia, China, and Iran are running influence campaigns seeking to sway American voters in the 2018 midterms and the 2020 presidential campaigns.

Graham, Menendez Introduce ‘Sanctions Bill From Hell’ Targeting Russia and Putin Bipartisan bill also would make it harder to leave NATO

Aug 2, 2018...A bipartisan Senate contingent has introduced what Republican Lindsey Graham has called the “sanctions bill from hell,” targeting Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

Senators Eye New Russia Sanctions as Trump Defends Putin Summit Corker on GOP unity with Trump: 'It feels like the dam is breaking'

Jul 17, 2018...As some senators discuss slapping new sanctions on Moscow, President Donald Trump is defending his widely panned summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, tweeting he had a “great” meeting with NATO allies but an “even better” one with the Russian president.

Republicans Back From Russia Have Advice for Trump Before Putin Summit President needs to be prepared and perhaps not alone

Jul 12, 2018...Republican senators who recently returned from Moscow have some advice for President Donald Trump ahead of his meeting Monday in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin: Be prepared, be careful and try not to be alone.

Trump Signs Election Meddling Order, But No Mention of Russia White House says they will keep talking to lawmakers as Senate bill lingers

Sep 12, 2018...President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at punishing foreign actors that interfere with U.S. elections, senior administration officials said Wednesday.

Ryan: Putin is 'Not Our Friend'

Jul 12, 2018...Speaker Paul D. Ryan and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke about President Donald Trump's upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ryan said Trump should be cautious when meeting with the leader, while Pelosi said Trump's behavior "begs the question" of what Russia has on the president "politically, financially and personally."

Possible Trump-Macron Split Fuels European Power Vacuum Bromance burned bright at first, but presidents spent weekend trading barbs

Nov 13, 2018...Donald Trump is pushing away one of his few close allies, French President Emmanuel Macron, as experts warn of an emerging European power vacuum and some GOP lawmakers defend the U.S. president’s latest brash move.

State Department Hedges on Proposed New Russia Sanctions Trump administration “needs discretion”

Aug 21, 2018...A senior State Department official on Tuesday urged senators to give the Trump administration considerable leeway as lawmakers contemplate new punitive sanctions against Russia.