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Could take FEC a while to regain a quorum, but don’t expect a ‘Wild West’ Watchdog agency will not have enough commissioners to hold meetings or issue guidance

Aug 28, 2019...Even as the Federal Election Commission prepares to grind to a halt on the cusp of the 2020 elections, campaign finance experts say politicians and donors who flout the nation’s political money rules may still suffer consequences.

The Right Toner?

Jun 12, 2007...A seemingly benign e-mail arrived in the inboxes of political reporters all over Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, offering up former Federal Election Commission Chairman Michael Toner as an expert able to provide analysis of the second-quarter fundraising reports for the 2008 presidential candidates, which aren’t due until July 15. [IMGCAP(1)]

FEC Was Right to Allow Soft Money In Calif. Initiatives

Sep 12, 2005...FEC Was Right To Allow Soft Money In Calif. Initiatives

Pass Pence-Wynn So We Can Fix Coordinated Expenditures

Jun 14, 2005...Last week the House Administration Committee approved a campaign finance bill sponsored by Reps. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) and Albert Wynn (D-Md.) that would make significant changes to the nation’s campaign finance laws. The House is expected to vote on the Pence-Wynn bill before the August recess.

Small-dollar donors could hold the balance in 2020 Concerns about money in politics are empowering individual voters

Mar 15, 2019...Poll after poll shows that a wide majority of Americans denounce the role of money in the nation’s political campaigns — so their behavior in response might come as a surprise: More Americans are donating to candidates, particularly in small-dollar increments.

They raised millions and lost. Now what? Democrats who were top fundraisers look to stay involved in politics

Jan 16, 2019...Democrats who ran for the House in 2018 shattered fundraising records, some even surpassing Senate candidates. But not all of the cycle’s top fundraisers ended up winning their races. 

Congress Should Overhaul Presidential Funding System

Oct 15, 2003...On Sept. 8, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the constitutionality of the new campaign finance law. No matter how the court rules in the case, Congress faces a growing problem of what to do about the presidential public financing system.

Court Bucks Chief Justice, Sheds Light on Dark Money Donors Justices denied stay of lower court ruling requiring donor disclosure

Sep 18, 2018...Some political groups may no longer be able to hide the identities of their donors after the full Supreme Court on Tuesday reversed a decision by Chief Justice John G. Roberts that had stopped a lower court ruling requiring the disclosures.

Montana Candidate’s Comments Raise Questions About Corporate Money Gianforte and Quist both claim they refuse industry PAC contributions

May 11, 2017...Comments made by Montana Republican Greg Gianforte on a national fundraising call last week raise questions about what he meant when he said that industry PACs could contribute to “our Victory Fund.”