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Supreme Court to hear Louisiana abortion law case Joins other high-profile issues for the fall term, including immigration, LGBT rights and gun control.

Oct 4, 2019...The Supreme Court will decide this term whether Louisiana can require doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital, a case watched closely by advocates on both sides of the abortion debate.

As abortion ‘gag rule’ lands in court, states seek funding fix Six states pull out of Title X program rather than comply with new regulations

Sep 23, 2019...As the federal government defends a rule in appeals court Monday prohibiting health care providers who take federal money for family planning services from referring patients to abortion providers, some states that haven’t complied are making plans for continuing without the program.

Federal judge blocks Missouri law restricting abortion The Missouri law would have prohibited abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy

Aug 27, 2019...A federal district judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked a Missouri law that would prohibit abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy from taking effect on Wednesday as originally planned.

Rep. King falsely claims he was misquoted on ‘rape and incest’ abortion comment Iowa Republican demands an apology from the media and his own party

Aug 19, 2019...Rep. Steve King demanded an apology over the weekend from GOP leaders and media outlets that criticized him for speculating that humankind may not exist without our species’ history of rape and incest.

Abortion threatens congressional impasse on funding CQ on Congress podcast, Episode 157

Jun 14, 2019...House Democrats' effort to rescind Trump administration anti-abortion policies threatens to hold up government spending bills. CQ Roll Call reporter Sandhya Raman details the debate and surveys how lawmakers are using abortion politics, both in Washington and the states, to rile their voters ahead of next year's election. 

Hyde amendment, other abortion riders in the spending limelight Democrats set for showdown with Republicans, administration

Jun 10, 2019...The debate surrounding abortion access is about to spill over from the campaign trail to Capitol Hill as lawmakers begin debating must-pass appropriations bills.

Abortion foe goes from Trump skeptic to Trump champion Marjorie Dannenfelser sees more wins for anti-abortion movement on the horizon

Jun 27, 2019...To put it delicately, Marjorie Dannenfelser was skeptical of Donald Trump during the 2016 Republican primaries. In the run-up to the Iowa caucuses, she signed on to a letter that urged voters to choose someone else. Trump, who’d once described himself as “very pro-choice,” could not be trusted on abortion, wrote Dannenfelser and her colleagues, all women opposed to abortion rights.

For first time in 2020 cycle, Trump makes abortion a reelection issue ‘The wrong person in office … can change it very quickly,’ POTUS warns conservative group

Jun 26, 2019...President Donald Trump on Wednesday injected abortion — one of the country’s most divisive issues — into the 2020 campaign debate, warning a conservative audience that inaction at the ballot box will erode recent anti-abortion moves.

Will the Supreme Court save the GOP from itself on abortion? Republicans may come to rue making abortion a 2020 election issue

May 21, 2019...OPINION — Social conservatives cheering the rash of state laws limiting legal abortion might want to be careful what they wish for.

The politics of abortion surge to forefront of 2020 debate Georgia, other states move polarizing topic to front burner with new laws

May 20, 2019...OPINION — It’s the worst day of your life. You’ve been told that your unborn baby is dying inside of you and you are presented with two horrible options: medically induce labor to deliver her early or carry the dangerous pregnancy to term, when your baby will suffocate outside of your womb.