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Heard on the Hill This Week: Pence Borrows Reagan’s Bible

Pence: Repeal and Replace Obamacare ‘First Order of Business’

Vice President-elect Mike Pence joined Speaker Paul D. Ryan for a GOP leadership news briefing Wednesday, telling reporters that working with Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act will be the incoming administration’s “first order of business.” See the video for highlights from Pence and Ryan’s remarks.

Liberals Give Kaine's Folksy Dad Style High Marks
Vice presidential debut at DNC Day Three deemed a success

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine's ill-fitting suit and folksy demeanor at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday played well with some liberal critics. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Tim Kaine wore an ill-fitting suit, addressed the crowd as "folks" and inspired a barrage of dad jokes during his Wednesday night convention speech introducing him to the nation as Hillary Clinton's running mate.  

The delivery was panned as "bland" and "forgettable" by the conservative National Review . Some Bernie Sanders delegates in the hall, who have complained that the Virginia senator is not progressive enough, chanted during his speech and protested his support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But most commentators the day after said Kaine did an admirable job.  

Bernie Delegates Network Found Alternate VP Pick — But Name Still a Secret
Group says paperwork delays foiled nomination of "genuine progressive" rival to Tim Kaine

Supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders chanted as delegates entered the security perimeter for the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on the first day of the Democratic National Convention Monday. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

The Bernie Delegates Network announced at their Tuesday morning meeting that they had found a "genuine progressive" alternative to Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine who had been willing to be nominated for vice president.  

But the group would not release the name because it was "moot," said co-founder Jeff Cohen. The network was unable to obtain the necessary forms from the Democratic National Committee in time to put his or her name into nomination.  

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