#tbt: Reefer Madness and Other Hits

#tbt: History With Hillary Clinton

This week we have a belated nod to 4/20 with a peek at Mary Jane's history on the Hill. Along the way, we found a few other tidbits — like a non-human lobbyist and other Hill creatures. Previous #tbts can be found here . Want more? Follow along !  

Q: What 1987 NPR news story caused members of Congress to admit to their own use of marijuana?

#tbt: History With Hillary Clinton

#tbt Trivia: Test Your Knowledge of Capitol Hills Past

That is why we are posting #ThrowbackThursday via the @rollcall Twitter feed each week. Follow along here ! In case you missed last week's edition, here it is.  

Hillary Rodham Clinton has a long history in Washington, D.C.,  — though not as long as Roll Call! With Sunday's announcement she's running for president, she might be back in the District soon. With that in mind, here's a look back at a few moments when the former senator appeared on Roll Call's pages. Hint: All of the answers are the same this week.