Meet Capitol Hill's 'Jesus Lady': A Consistent Presence Since 1979

She’s been a fixture on Capitol Hill for decades. Members of Congress, staffers, journalists and other community dwellers all know her and her signature mannequin — of Jesus. She’s Rita Warren, more commonly known around the Hill as Jesus Lady.

Influential Conservative: Refugee Dispute 'Unnecessary'

Members of The Syrian People Solidarity Group protest Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's refusal to allow Syrian refugees in the state on Nov. 22 in Austin, Texas. (Erich Schlegel/Getty Images)

Not everyone on the Christian right wants to stop Syrian refugees  — the Muslim ones, anyway — from resettling here in wake of the Islamic State terror attacks on Paris .  

In fact, Princeton professor Robert P. George , who The New York Times has called the country's most influential conservative Christian thinker, says we should welcome 10 times more such refugees, 100,000 in all, than the 10,000 President Barack Obama has said we should take. George serves as an unofficial adviser to a number of the GOP presidential candidates, including his former student Sen. Ted Cruz. All of those who’ve been identified so far as suspects in the Paris attacks are European nationals, and as such could have visited the U.S. any time. Two others who have not yet been identified seem to have entered Greece as refugees, at least one of them with a fake Syrian passport.