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Top Corporate PACs Give Over $2 Million in Contributions

At the fifteen-month mark of this 2013-2014 election cycle, four corporate federal political action committees have already given out more than $2 million in contributions to federal candidates and committees.  

During the first fifteen months of this election cycle, the federal political action committee of Honeywell International, gave out $2,633,530.  This included $664,409 to Democratic candidates; $909,126 to Republican candidates; $180,000 to political parties; and $879,995 to leadership PACs.  

Top Ranking of Organizations Lobbying the Government (Updated)

Twenty-five organizations have reported spending more than $1 million a month lobbying the federal government in 2014.  

Top Dollars Go To Health Care Lobbying

Although federal lobbying expenditures increased in the fourth quarter of 2013, it was not enough to make the full year total as high as 2012. The full year 2013 lobbying expenditures were $3.25 billion, down from $3.34 billion in 2012.  

Lobbying in the Health Care sector remained the largest area of interest, while some industry sectors did show increases from the previous year. Companies and trade associations lobbying on the farm bill pushed the totals for the Agriculture sector higher, and those lobbying on Communication/Technology issues also increased.  

Top Corporate PAC Raises More Than $4 Million

The political action committee of Honeywell International had receipts of $4.1 million in 2013, ranking it first in receipts among all federal corporate PACs.