kentuckians for strong leadership

Big Checks Strengthen Super PACs

Super PACs collect contributions in unlimited amounts for making independent expenditures, and new disclosure reports show some donors are willing to write a check for a quarter of a million dollars, or more.  

American Bridge 21st Century, a Democratic-oriented super PAC reported the following major donors: Mark Heising , investor, Medley Partners Management CA), $500,000; Ann Earhart , investor (CA) $400,000; Susie Buell , retired (CA) $250,000; Amy Fowler , author (NY) $250,000; and Phillip Ragon , founder, InterSystems (MA) $250,000.  

Pro-McConnell Super PAC Quickly Attacks Grimes (updated)

On the day before a confidant primary election day, a Pro-McConnell Super PAC spends $561K for TV ads to run against general election candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, D-Ky.  

The Kentuckians For Strong Leadership , a Super PAC supporting Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., reported today it spent $560,962 for TV ads as independent expenditures against Alison Lundergan Grimes, D-Ky.  The Super PAC paid $21,214 on May 21st to DMM Media for media production, and $539,748 on May 19th to Main Street Media Group for media placement.  

Super PACs Have $63 Million Ready To Spend
Members of Congress and Super PACs Keep Lawyers Busy

Campaign finance lawyers have been busy in the last few months providing legal services to members of Congress, Super PACs, and presidential campaigns.  

Several Senate and House members  dealt with serious campaign finance legal questions and investigations during the last quarter of 2013. Here are a few of the members of Congress and political organizations that paid for legal services, many relating to investigations and inquiries by the House and Senate Ethics Committees, the Federal Election Commission, and others.