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Nadler Challenger Confuses 'Hamilton' With Hamilton
House candidate cites line from musical instead of founding father

No, the guy on the right did not write the Federalist Papers. (Courtesy Joan Marcus)

Oliver Rosenberg is a former investment banker challenging Jerrold Nadler for his New York House seat in Democratic primary elections Tuesday. But his performance during a recent radio talk show suggests that the serious-sounding biography is the only traditional aspect of Rosenberg's candidacy.  

During a 20-minute debate moderated Monday by New York City public radio icon Brian Lehrer, Rosenberg quoted a rap lyric from the musical "Hamilton" and attributed it to Alexander Hamilton, the author of The Federalist Papers. He also declared that he was running for Congress because the closing of local businesses had made it too hard to buy bagels in New York City — "I can't get my bagels and schmear!" he said. "We want our bagels back!" — and he repeatedly cited that guy with the lamb chop facial hair who founded the legendary "The Rent is Too Damn High" presidential party.  

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