Jack Evans

How Capitol Hill Will be Affected by Metro Repairs
Expect subway station shutdowns and longer waits through March 2017

Sixteen Metro stations could either be closed or offer limited service during the planned upgrade of Washington's public transit system. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Metro's service on all subway lines serving Capitol Hill will be disrupted in the months ahead as the transit system launches a "military operation" to make the commuter lines safer and more reliable.  

The longest shutdown will come on the Red Line, when trains will not travel from NoMa-Gallaudet U to Fort Totten stations from Oct. 9 to Nov. 2; buses will be available to move commuters from one stop to another.  

How to Fix Metro? Riders Have Their Say
We ask commuters -- what would you tell Metro's top brass?

The leaders who shut down Metro for a day and then suggested idling entire rail lines for six months are set to answer questions Wednesday before congressional subcommittees.  

Officials of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, including General Manager Paul Wiedefeld and Board Chairman Jack Evans, are expected to address the decision to shut down the entire subway system on March 16.