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Food Network Star Keeps Bumping Into Politics in Eat Tour of D.C.

Ducote (middle) and McCoy (right) on Food Network Star. (Photo courtesy of Food Network)

With Mardi Gras quickly approaching, celebrity chef Jay Ducote, the self-proclaimed "food ambassador for South Louisiana," spent a week eating his way through Washington and shared his thoughts on how hard it is to get away from politics in D.C., even when you try.  

His main event was dinner at Acadiana on Feb. 2, which he hosted with the National Beer Wholesalers Association. He led the 20-person event through a Louisiana-themed beer-pairing dinner. “For the record, I feel like Acadiana did a remarkable job with the food,” he said. “Several of those dishes could have served at any restaurant in Louisiana without anyone blinking and eye.” Ducote studied economics and political science at Louisiana State University. “[College] taught me that I didn't want to be a politician or even involved in politics for the rest of my life,” he said. “So of course we did a Mardi Gras-themed beer dinner in D.C. the day after the Iowa Caucus. I can't go anywhere in this town without politics coming up.”