federal communications commission

Broadcasters Fail To Disclose Public Data, But Expect Billions in Revenue

Broadcast television stations , who are paid billions by candidates and campaigns for political advertising on public airwaves, are not meeting federal disclosure requirements, according to two groups who have filed complaints with the Federal Communications Commission.  

The Campaign Legal Center and the Sunlight Foundation have filed compliants with the FCC against 11 broadcast stations for failure to publicly disclose legally-required information about sponsors of political ads they aired this year.  

TransCanada Pumps Ads Into Washington, D.C. Area

The company that is trying to win support for a major pipeline through several mid-western states has contracted with more ads to be seen by Washington, D.C. area policy makers.  

The Federal Communications Commission made public on Wednesday two contracts filed by Washington, D.C. area television stations. The filings indicated TransCanada  Corp . has contracted for $123,900 of television advertising between now and the beginning of May. The ads support the approval of the $5.4 billion Keystone XL oil pipeline.