Poll: Millennials Aren’t Buying Trump’s Campaign Promises
Are younger adults still mourning Sanders’ loss?

Supporters of Donald Trump attend a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, in July. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Donald Trump may be the president-elect, but millennials remain skeptical that the real estate mogul will follow through on his big-ticket campaign promises.

According to an Economist/YouGov poll released this week, adults under 30 are least likely to believe that Trump will deliver on his “big, beautiful” border wall, release his sought after tax returns or appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Capitol Ink | Emails From the Crypt
Clinton’s email problems refuse to die

FBI Reviewing More Emails Related to Clinton Case
Agency had earlier decided not to pursue the inquiry

FBI Director James B. Comey recommended no charges against Hillary Clinton in July over her use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of State. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call file photo)

The FBI is reviewing newly discovered emails that might be pertinent in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server after additional information came to light in connection with an unrelated case.

Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who serves as chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, said Friday that FBI Director James B. Comey informed him of the development.

What's the Status of the IRS Commissioner Impeachment Debate?

A tense House Judiciary Committee hearing was held Wednesday on the impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, and it seems unlikely there will be a resolution this month. Koskinen fielded questions about a scandal -- that the agency applied extra scrutiny to conservative groups that applied for tax-exempt status -- that has badgered the IRS since before he became commissioner. How did this come about and what's expected to happen next in Congress?

House Panels Lay Out Case That Clinton Perjured Herself
Letter to Justice Department alleges 4 examples from Benghazi testimony

Hillary Clinton's testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi has drawn criticism from Republicans for possible perjury. (Al Drago/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Two House committees sent a letter to the Department of Justice Monday laying out their case for why they believe Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton committed perjury during a hearing in Congress last year.

The letter to U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Channing Phillips from the Oversight and Government Reform and Judiciary committees provides four specific examples of times they believe Clinton lied under oath about her use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of State. The letter said Clinton made several false statements during her testimony to the House Select Committee on Benghazi on October 22, 2015.

Report: DNC CEO Resigns
Departure comes in wake of Wikileaks emails

Amy Dacey, the CEO of the Democratic National Committee, resigned Tuesday. (Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Glamour file photo)

Democratic National Committee CEO Amy Dacey resigned Tuesday in the aftermath of an email leak scandal that showed staff members for the national party favored one presidential candidate over another.  

The DNC also announced the resignation of communications director Luis Miranda and Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall.  

Ep. 19: Is Russia Trying to Manipulate the US Elections?
The Week Ahead

The alleged hacking of Democratic party computer systems by Russian interests pose a dilemma for U.S. officials tasked with looking for the source of the infiltration and coming up with a response. CQ Roll Call’s national security reporter Ryan Lucas, political editor David Hawking and managing editor Adriel Bettelheim unravel the web of intrigue. #CozyBear #FancyBear

Show Notes:

Is Trump Treasonous? Panetta Calls Him Danger to National Security
Former defense chief denounces GOP nominee's encouragement of Russia to spy on the U.S.

Leon Panetta tries to talk over chants of no more war at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Donald Trump's invitation to Russian spies to find lost emails routed through Hillary Clinton's notorious private server was "irresponsible" and clearly underscores that "he cannot become our commander in chief," former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta said on Wednesday.  

"Think about that, Donald Trump, who wants to be president, is asking one of our adversaries to engage in hacking or intelligence efforts against the United States of America to affect an election," Panetta told the Democratic National Convention.  

Biden on DNC Hack: 'Totally Consistent With Who Putin Is'
Russian officials say story was planted to exploit fear in American electorate

Vice President Joe Biden said the DNC hack fit the "modus agendi" of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government. (Natalia Kolesnikova/AFP/Getty Images)

Russian officials dismiss the suggestion that the Kremlin hacked Democratic Party emails as a "maniacal" ploy to exploit fear of Russia and gain traction in the presidential election, although they do not specify who they think had planted the story.  

"This is not breaking new ground," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters  Tuesday when asked about the leaked emails, according to a Reuters report. "This is an old trick which is being played again."  

Power Brokers: Hoyer on Clinton’s Emails, Gun Control