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Lawmakers to Obama: Press Allies at NATO Summit
White House official: 'Inflection point' as alliance faces old, new threats

Republicans and Democrats are urging President Barack Obama  to use his final NATO summit to press European leaders to be more aggressive against an old threat from their eastern flank and a new one to their south.  

White House officials see the gathering coming at "an inflection point" for NATO and Europe. Beginning Friday in the Polish capital of Warsaw, Western leaders will discuss what seems to be an ever-swelling list of threats that includes a more aggressive Russia, Islamic State attacks and a flood of migrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa.  

Like Trump, Clinton Struggles With Independent Voters
Poll suggests Clinton viewed as more qualified, but lead is slight

Majorities of independent voters surveyed have unfavorable views of both candidates as the general election gets underway. Trump’s unfavorable scores surpass the 60-percent mark — but Clinton is not far behind, according to a recent Economist/YouGov poll .  

St. Anselm College political science professor Chris Galdieri said self-described independents in “swingy” states could make a big difference in deciding who will be the 45th president. That’s because some voters “can’t pull the lever” for either candidate and are searching for a viable alternative.