Chrys Kefalas

Republicans Dream of Mikulski's Senate Seat; Democrats Aren't Worried

Maryland Republicans say Hogan laid a path to victory for future Republican candidates in his bright blue state. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images File Photo)

A Republican has not represented Maryland in the Senate since 1987, the end of the late liberal Republican Sen. Charles Mathias’ three-term tenure.  

But this time around, in the race for the same seat Mathias held until it was snagged by Democrat Barbara A. Mikulski three decades ago, some Republicans feel buoyed by the surprising victory of one of their own, Larry Hogan, in the 2014 governor's race. “You’ve got to get a record number of crossover independents to be with you. Larry Hogan provided a great roadmap for that," said Chrys Kefalas, a Republican who announced his candidacy for Senate this week after several months of fundraising and meeting with voters across the Free State. “I don’t think anyone else running for the Republican nomination can build a coalition for November.”