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The Trump Effect on Budgets, Big Bird and Rockets
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Capitol Ink | Budget Showdown

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Ep. 11: Military Brass Balks at Another Stopgap Funding Measure
Budget Tracker Extra

Military chiefs are expected to tell Congress this week that unless new funding is approved for the remainder of fiscal 2017, the armed services would have to cancel vital programs from grounding large portions of their aircraft squadrons to calling off military training exercises, says CQ Roll Call’s defense reporter John M. Donnelly, who obtained a copy of communiques that outline the Pentagon’s worries. Continuing to fund the remainder of fiscal 2017 at last year’s level would be a first for the U.S. military, says Donnelly.

Ep. 11: Military Brass Balks at Another Stopgap Funding Measure

Ep. 10: Trump Team Tight-Lipped on President’s Budget As Appropriations Begin
Budget Tracker Extra

Lawmakers this week will start to consider where money should be spent in what appears to be a very difficult budget process, says CQ Roll Call’s appropriations reporter Kellie Mejdrich. Meanwhile, the administration sent a missive about who should discuss President Trump’s initial budget request, says Mejdrich.

Ep. 9: Why Trump’s Budget Could Spark Political Paralysis

Despite the Republicans controlling Congress and the White House, there is no GOP consensus, says CQ Roll Call’s Budget tracker editor David Lerman. That was underscored with some Republicans’ visceral objections to President Trump’s budget requests that could set off a crisis in funding the government, adds Lerman.

Ep 8: The Week’s Big Budget Decisions
Budget Tracker Extra

Congress and the White House this week will be confronted with a series of decisions that will impact the country’s economic well-being, says CQ Roll Call's budget and appropriations reporter Ryan McCrimmon. Lawmakers will debate the merits of the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the GOP’s health care proposal, consider raising the debt ceiling and contend with President Donald Trump’s initial budget blueprint that is expected to seek deep cuts in several departments and agencies.

Ep. 7: The Art of Trump's Budget Deal
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CQ Roll Call’s senior budget reporter, Paul M. Krawzak, says the Pentagon is likely to get some increase in spending in fiscal 2018 at the expense of domestic programs. That could mean cuts in food stamps, environmental protection and unemployment insurance. But it’s unlikely that the Pentagon will get the 10 percent boost that was the initial bid by President Trump, the author of "The Art of the Deal."

Show Notes:

Republicans Could Face Trouble Balancing Next Budget
The GOP has a formidable challenge in trying to write a fiscal 2018 resolution that balances in a decade

Republican Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, left, and Mike Lee of Utah want to eliminate the deficit within 10 years.(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)