The Best News Sources for Staffers to Read

Be sure to read the day's news before your boss does. Hill Navigator discusses. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Are you reading this while at your desk? On your smartphone on the Metro? Maybe you get Hill Navigator delivered directly to your inbox. But how do you know if you’re reading the best news sources to do your job effectively? Hill Navigator discusses.

And the Year it Was: Hill Navigator’s Best of 2014

Need Capitol Hill advice? Roll Call's Hill Navigator lists our favorite columns of 2014 (CQ Roll Call File Photo).

It’s been another year of advice giving, observing staffers and commenting on the workplace. The Senate changed hands. Staffers were fired . Campaigns were won (and lost) and fresh faces are beginning to arrive on Capitol Hill in time for a January swearing-in.  

But some things never change. Interns still work for free, aspiring staffers still want to work on Capitol Hill and existing staffers want promotions (and raises !) too. Hill Navigator would be nothing without staffer gripes and looks forward to another year of writing about the intricacies of the Capitol Hill workplace. But some columns are worth an extra mention, perhaps another read. Here are some of my personal favorites from the past year. 1. The Other Back Room: Let’s talk breastfeeding. And Capitol Hill. And some of the fantastic facilities it provides for moms who pump on Capitol Hill. This column was a favorite of mine both because of the excellent amenities the Hill provides and the chance to educate future pumping-women about their options.  

Take the Good With the Bad: Former Reporter Speaks Out

It's not every day someone chronicles the aftermath of a fall from grace.  

But former Politico reporter Joe Williams did just that in his tell-all piece in The Atlantic, "My Life as a Retail Worker: Nasty, Brutish, and Poor ." Williams went to work at a sporting goods retail store, the only job he could find after an on-air gaffe and negative press about his personal life landed him out of a job and without many prospects.  

One of the Good Ones Gets Away

Hill Navigator is a strong advocate of the power of entry-level jobs: Get your foot in the door, work hard and learn all you can from those ahead of you. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the chance to work with some amazing people — both on and off Capitol Hill.

So this week, Hill Navigator bids adieu to one of our longtime established and respected journalists. John Cranford, CQ Weekly’s editor, is retiring from the newsroom and embarking on a nationwide tour of baseball stadiums.*