Busted! 10 Best Jokes From Cheney's Bust Unveiling

Cheney, his wife Lynne and their grandchildren unveiled the marble bust. (Al Drago/CQ Roll Call)

The marble bust of former Vice President Dick Cheney was unveiled Thursday at the Capitol. And though there were no cracks in his marble likeness, there were plenty of wisecracks from the presenters.  

Top Republican leaders from the House and Senate, along with former president George W. Bush and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., honored Cheney in the Capitol Visitor Center ceremony. Cheney's bust joins other vice presidents' busts that are placed throughout Senate's second and third floor to commemorate their role as presidents of the Senate.  

Tim Young Abuzz About NPC Spelling Bee
Improv Troupe Aims to Milk Political Dysfunction for Laughs

The Theater of Public Policy is bringing its civic-minded brand of comedy to the District for an extended stay during which the performers look forward to having their way with all three branches of government.  

Overheard: House Email Crash = Liquid Lunch

"Email down? I'm off to Bullfeathers."  

— Presumed congressional aide (a Cloakroom app user, anyway) takes House server hiccup in stride.  

Roll Call Has Always Made Room for Fun Stuff

The original HOH logo. (CQ Roll Call Archives)

The history books show that the Heard on the Hill column we all know (and love?) officially came into existence on Jan. 17, 1988.  

But thumbing through 60-some years of Roll Call’s brand of reporting illustrates that founder Sid Yudain always appreciated the quirky side of Hill life. RC-60th-Anniversary-logo-HighRes-01.jpg Right there, smack dab in the middle of the debut issue on June 16, 1955, is a recap of that year’s Congressional Baseball Game, with Roll Call scribe "Ella Fant" inserting her own color commentary. “The crowd was good, despite the weather. However, center field bleachers were completely empty except for one lone figure surrounded by vast barrenness. Rep. Don Jackson nudged Rep. Elford Cederberg and quipped, 'There’s the Cederberg Fan Club out there,'" Fant shared with her nascent readership — setting the tone for Roll Call’s inside baseball coverage.  

Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun at Capitol Police 'Potty Training'  

The SNAFU over their lost guns has launched Capitol Police into the ultimate pop-culture orbit: Being the butt of a late-night TV joke. After Chief Kim C. Dine told Congress  officers would now undergo special training on weapons handling, Jimmy Kimmel panned the department's "potty training" with a mock instructional video, "So You Want to Use the Bathroom While Carrying a Firearm." "Are you currently carrying a firearm? Do you need to use the restroom? Great, let's learn how to use both safely and responsibly," a narrator says. The video includes tips on how to stand in front of the urinal, and how to greet fellow bathroom users (pointing firearms = not OK, shaking hands = OK).  

Schumer Family Ties Blanket the Airwaves
The Onion Elevates Axl Rose to Political Powerhouse

The Onion has uncovered the real reason our political system has devolved into such a dumpster fire: heavy metal.  

In its latest deep-dive into electoral issues, the satirical news site attempts to peel back the curtain on shadowy Super PACs and makes some alarming discoveries.