US Military Creates Pizza That Stays Edible for Three Years

Munchies (part of Vice) reports that "if you’re putting your life on the line to defend the most powerful military nation on Earth, then you should be entitled, whenever possible, to enjoy the same basic rights as those back home."  

A Family Friendly Pentagon

Time : "There was historic news out of the Pentagon last week, but it wasn’t about new weapons or an operation against ISIS. Instead it was Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s plan to remake the US military by placing “a higher priority on work/life balance ,” rewiring how it handles the changing ways we think of parenting in the 21st century."  

Evolution Of Combat Boot In U.S. Military

Task & Purpose reports that "wars are fought and ultimately won by the troops who slog through grime and uneven ground to take the hill. One of the most important and easily overlooked pieces of equipment for that service member is the combat boot."  

"Injuries caused to frontline troops due to poor footwear has been recorded as far back as the 1700s, notes a Department of Defense report on cold-weather footwear. During World War I, the brutal cold coupled with the issued boot’s poor insulation led to countless bouts of trenchfoot among American soldiers and Marines."  

Training Program Helps Military Medics Find U.S. Healthcare Jobs

The Atlantic reports that "the U.S. military veteran Dave Manning served two combat deployments in Iraq and was the sole medical provider for more than 100 people on a Navy ship. But as he contemplated his post-military job prospects, he struggled."  

“'Nothing I’ve done really translates over [to civilian jobs] beyond basic EMT,' said Manning, who served 15 years in the Navy and five more in the Army. 'Trying to find something in the medical field without any credentials, without any licensure is tough. There’s nothing out there.'”  

Track Santa with U.S. Military
U.S. Military Helps Track Santa Via Facebook, Twitter

MLive reports that "with this crazy weather, you and your kids might wonder how Santa will make it to Michigan this Christmas."  

"Well don't worry. NORAD Santa tracker  is already showing activity at the North Pole."  

Happy Thanksgiving to U.S. Military!
T. Boone Pickens: Social Media Maven?

The Dallas Morning News asks: "Who says you can’t teach an old Texas billionaire new tricks?"  

"T. Boone Pickens uses the power of social media to spread the gospel according to Boone on energy, politics and his alma mater, Oklahoma State University — and not necessarily in that order."  

WWII 'Monuments Men' Get Congressional Gold Medal

The Tribune News Service reports that "in 2006, Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas, was at a dinner at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth when she found herself eavesdropping on a conversation about the rescue of art during World War II."  

“'I was astounded,' she told McClatchy in an interview, because she had never heard of the effort. 'I’ve always had a special interest in World War II.'”