'Tis the season to be SALT-y: Explaining the SALT deduction cap

Rep. Mikie Sherrill, D-N.J., tried to spread awareness about the strain her district and others' feel from the SALT deduction cap. A poster she displayed on the House floor during her 12 Days of SALT campaign sits outside her office door. (Nathan Ouellette/CQ Roll Call)

SALT: It's more than just a way to add flavor to food or de-ice roads. The GOP tax overhaul in 2017 placed a $10,000 dollar cap on the amount of state and local taxes individuals and joint filers can deduct from their state and local taxes, or SALT. This impacts residents of states with high income and sales taxes such as New Jersey, New York, Texas and California.

CQ Roll Call multimedia reporter Nathan Ouellette sat down with New Jersey Democratic Rep. Mikie Sherrill to break down the SALT deduction cap and why she's dubbed the last 12 days of the legislative calendar the 12 Days of SALT.

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