Trashy Problem Comes Out of Blizzard Sledding

Sledders use a discarded March for Live protest sign to skid their way down the West Front of the Capitol on Jan. 22. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

With hundreds of people sledding at the Capitol this weekend, hundreds of pieces of trash were left behind.  

From March for Life signs, pizza boxes, collapsed cardboard boxes and plastic bags, people sledding were either bringing their own trash and leaving it or taking items out of the trash to use as a sled. While the bulk of trash was cleaned up by the end of the weekend, Tuesday's sledders at the Capitol were still taking items out of the trash to use as surfaces.  

Tuesday’s trash of choice were blue rectangular March for Life signs, which were thrown out after the event on Friday and still being recycled to use as sleds.  

Some real sleds were also left behind as well as soda bottles, water bottles and Starbucks coffee cups, among other items.  

Trash was mainly found on the West Front, as Capitol Police sealed off some of the grounds Monday to divert people to that entry point.  

The year-end omnibus appropriations bill included a policy rider for Capitol police to turn the other way on the Capitol sledding ban. While this rider has since allowed a lot of fun for Capitol Hill area children, Capitol maintenance staff were tasked with a lot of trash removal.

Congress Stays Away, but Not Sledders

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