Trump Mentions Twitter Account With Pro-Roy Moore Posts

User has retweeted criticisms of GOP candidate’s accusers

President Trump with Chinese President Xi Jinping at a conference in Asia on Saturday. Trump said he has not learned about allegations against Roy Moore because he was busy with Xi and other leaders. (White House photo via Flickr)

One of the Twitter accounts President Donald Trump shared with his 42.7 million followers on Wednesday has posted regularly defending embattled Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Back from his Asia trip for just a few hours, Trump rose early Wednesday morning and resumed his morning Twitter habit before 6 a.m. EST. He touted what he called in two tweets his “successful trip,” labeled CNN a “Loser!,” and thanked several followers who had praised him.

One of latter is a big backer of Moore, whom the president has stopped short of urging to drop out of his Senate race amid allegations of sexual misconduct and assault.

At 5:53 a.m., Trump wrote this to an account with the username Sheldon_Wiggill and the handle @Capetown_Eagle: “Thank you, working hard!” The user had written this about Trump: “Best President Ever!”

Most recently, the account on Monday retweeted conservative internet commentator Bill Mitchell’s criticism of three of the women who have raised allegations against Moore.

The account also retweeted another conservative internet host, Wayne Dupree, who slammed congressional GOP members for “selling Roy Moore down the river without proof.”

The account retweeted three other Mitchell tweets that raised doubts about one of the women’s stories about her alleged interactions with Moore.

Shortly before Trump’s first Wednesday tweet, @Capetown_Eagle echoed a big theme of Moore’s campaign when the user went after congressional GOP leaders and pledged allegiance to Moore.

The president and his top aides are walking a tightrope on whether Moore should drop out. If he does, it very well could hand Democrats an unlikely seat in the Senate from a deeply red Southern state.

Trump was asked about Moore and allegations of sexual misconduct — and whether he should drop out of his Alabama Senate race — on Saturday in Asia by reporters on Air Force One. Trump tried to change the subject, did not call for Moore to step aside, and repeated a statement issued by his spokeswoman about expecting Moore to do the “right thing” if the allegations are true.

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“I have not seen very much about him, about it. And you know I put out a statement yesterday that he’ll do the right thing,” Trump said after stammering about how much television he watches and having been busy with the president of China as the allegations surfaced.

The White House tiptoeing around the matter continued Sunday morning, when Trump’s top liaison to Congress also declined to say definitively that the former judge should step aside.

Moore needs to better explain the allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor, White House legislative affairs director Marc Short said on “Meet the Press.” But he did not call for Moore to drop out.

“There’s no Senate seat more important than the notion of child pedophilia Chuck, I mean that’s reality,” Short said. “But having said that, he has not been proven guilty. We have to afford him the chance to defend himself.”

Moore has done just that, saying he never knew one of his accusers while trying to cast the entire matter as a Democratic plot with media outlets helping fan the flames. He also has used it to cast establishment Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as out to get him; both McConnell and Speaker Paul D. Ryan have said the allegations are credible and called for Moore to drop out.

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