Richard Burr Finds Himself Objectionable

North Carolina senator finds himself having to object to his own request for action

Sen. Richard Burr objected to his own request on the floor Thursday. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Sen. Richard Burr faced an internal struggle Thursday on the Senate floor for all to see. Burr requested action on a bill, with the expectation one of his colleagues would object. But when the presiding officer asked if there were any objections, the North Carolina Republican was stuck, and had to object to his own request.

“I reluctantly object,” said Burr.

Burr’s request would have put the measure, which would permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund and allow the Senate to review and cancel the reauthorization every three years, on the Senate calendar — something Burr apparently was not ready to do.

At first it seemed that Burr was solo on the floor and didn’t have a colleague there to object to his request.

But Colorado Democrat Michael Bennet was on the floor and took the mic to laud Burr’s request for action on the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

“I will save my colleague to object to his own motion out here but I so much believe in what he's trying to do that I can't object to it,” Bennet said.

“I thank him for his leadership, through the chair, on this issue over many years. This should be a bipartisan issue. It is a bipartisan issue,” he continued,“There’s not a county in America that doesn’t have a Land and Water Conservation Fund project.”

Burr on Twitter said that he’ll be regularly making the request for action. 

The procedural hiccup happened as the Senate was on the cusp of finishing action on a $856.9 billion funding bill for the departments of Defense, Education, Health and Human Services and Labor before leaving town for the weekend.

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