Gohmert Defends Jordan, Criticizes Accusers

Says one of the law firms investigating allegations is tied to Democrats

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, talks with President Donald Trump after the State of the Union address in the House chamber in January. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert defended fellow Republican Rep. Jim Jordan from accusations that he knew about sexual abuse, praising Jordan’s character compared to that of his accusers.

Seven former wrestlers are accusing Jordan of having known about sexual abuse from Ohio State University team physician Dr. Richard Strauss, who committed suicide in 2005.

Jim Jordan is a fine and decent person who has a lifetime history of being honorable and honest, unlike his accusers whose extremely troubled backgrounds and ongoing legal and financial troubles place the veracity of their allegations into the realm of ridiculous,” he said.

Gohmert compared the athletes who accused Jordan to gymnasts who testified against former Dr. Larry Nassar, who was convicted for sexually abusing athletes.

Gohmert said the difference between Nassar’s victims and Strauss’ is Nassar’s victims were “minor children.”

“Note that they do not claim they reported specific abuse to Jim Jordan or to anyone else,” Gohmert said. “To the contrary, they specifically state they did not tell Jordan but instead say he should have known because there was talk around the locker room.”

While some of the accusers have said they did not directly tell Jordan, Dunayasha Yetts, one of the first accusers, specifically told NBC that after Strauss tried pulling down his shorts, he told Jordan and head coach Russ Hellickson.

Gohmert hinted that there was a larger conspiracy since one of the law firms investigating the allegations, Perkins Coie, is affiliated with Democrats including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and former members of Congress.

“They were recently paid by Hillary Clinton and the DNC as a pass-through entity to hire Fusion GPS to concoct the salacious and unverified Russian dossier at the heart of the Clinton team’s attempted take-down of President Trump,” Gohmert said in his statement.

Gohmert expected there might also be some larger exchange of money.

“Whatever payments were received for trying to destroy President Trump may be available to destroy other high-achieving Republicans, like Jim Jordan,” he said. “Given the inclusion of Perkins Coie in the mix, the likelihood increases that money has already changed hands to purchase a drive-by character assassination of beloved conservative Republican Congressman Jim Jordan.”

Meanwhile, Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney called it “goddamned crazy” if Jordan did nothing if he knew athletes were abused.

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