Campaigns: Save Our Signs!

Early voting at the Washington, D.C., Board of Elections was suspended on Monday because of Hurricane Sandy. Many candidates in the mid-Atlantic region called for supporters to remove their yard signs during the storm as a safety precaution. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

During the past two days, a handful of committees and campaigns have sent emails to supporters asking them to put away yard signs as Hurricane Sandy makes landfall.

The guidance was of a safety-first nature, but there was also some strategic value: safety and ensuring that signs will be available once the storm has passed. Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) and his challenger, veteran Steve Obsitnik (R), wrote a joint note to supporters.

"A reminder to please bring in lawn signs as a safety precaution," they wrote. The sentiment was echoed by campaigns throughout New England. But many campaigns urged supporters to hold onto the signs and to roll them out as soon as the storm passed.

"Ever wondered what a 50 mph wind will do to a campaign sign? Let's not find out!" Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers' (R) team wrote to his supporters. "If you have lawn signs out, please bring them in until Sandy blows over. We'll need the support once the storm rolls out of town."

An added note on campaigns working around Sandy: Don't expect ads to be pulled from television airwaves. Sources say that doing so at this point in the election cycle would be politically untenable.

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