With Snow Delays, House Set for Shorter, Busier Week

The House was scheduled to vote over the next four days on no fewer than 12 bills and resolutions, including ones to overhaul national flood insurance, suspend for a year the individual mandate tax under Obamacare and revisit coal mining regulations. Then it started snowing. With a late-winter storm pummeling the region, key legislative business was canceled for Monday afternoon and evening. The House is now not expected to reconvene until 2 p.m. Tuesday, with votes scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Meanwhile, the chamber is still set to finish up for the week no later than 3 p.m. Thursday. And all that could change if the snow prompts delays and cancellations in members' travel arrangements from their districts back to Washington, D.C., according to official guidance from House Republican leadership on Monday morning. But one GOP leadership aide told CQ Roll Call that, so far, nothing has been dropped from the floor calendar. We'll update this post when we hear more.