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TBT: 10 Things Dan Coats Will Miss Now That He’s Banned From Russia

Current Intelligence director made a top ten list after being sanctioned by Moscow in 2014

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats was sanctioned by Russia while serving as a senator in 2014. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

When Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats served as a Republican senator from Indiana, he was one of several officials sanctioned by Russia.

At the time, Coats borrowed a tradition from fellow Hoosier, comedian David Letterman, in offering up a top ten list of things he would miss after President Vladimir Putin banned him from Russia, as Heard on the Hill featured when it happened in May 2014.

10. I won’t be able to complete my granddaughter’s Russian doll collection

9. I won’t be able to compare the Bolshoi Opera House with the Palladium in Carmel

8. I’ll never learn the Russian name for our dog Hoosier

7. I won’t be able to ski on the slushy slopes of Sochi

6. I won’t be able to buy Marsha a Russian mink coat for Christmas

5. I won’t be able to counsel Duma members on how to say no to a President

4. I’ll have to cancel my tennis match with Maria Sharapova

3. I won’t be able to compare Russiaville, IN with Russia

2. I won’t be able to see if borscht really does taste just like pork tenderloin

And the number one thing Coats will miss after being sanctioned by Russia ...

1. Our summer vacation in Siberia is a no go

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