Rep. Nadler appears to ‘almost pass out,’ gets medical help at event

The New York Rep. was at a press conference with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio

Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., talks to the media after the last vote before the Memorial Day recess at the Capitol in Washington on Thursday May 23, 2019. On Friday at a New York event with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio he appeared to almost pass out. (Caroline Brehman/CQ Roll Call)

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler came close to collapse in his home state of New York while attending an event with Mayor Bill de Blasio.

At a Friday press conference in New York City, de Blasio came to Nadler’s aid, offering water and making sure the fellow Democrat was feeling alright. The press conference was held at P.S. 199 in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. 

The story was first reported by NBC News 4 in New York, which reported he appeared to “almost pass out.”

In a video from NBC News 4, de Blasio asks Nadler if he was OK. Nadler can be heard responding with a faint “no” before putting his hand over his face. He then put his head down on the table where he was sitting.

The room was cleared so Nadler, 71, could be seen by medical personnel.

“Appreciate everyone's concern. Was very warm in the room this morning, was obviously dehydrated and felt a bit ill. Glad to receive fluids and am feeling much better. Thank you for your thoughts,” tweeted Nadler after the incident. 

Nadler appeared to be dehydrated, according to local reporters. He was given water to drink and an orange to eat.

NBC reports that within a few minutes, he appeared to recover. Nadler, apparently alert, was speaking to people near him and telling them he was OK. 

Nadler has been nagged by health issues in the past, some linked to obesity. In 2003 the congressman underwent a stomach surgery to aid with his extensive weight loss.

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