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When you need to influence decision-makers in Washington, D.C., you tell them a story. Roll Call Brand Media will help you build a custom experience and amplify that message to ensure it is delivered to the people you are trying to reach.

Roll Call Brand Media will help you craft an engaging, creative and unique campaign guaranteed to expand your reach beyond typical advertising efforts.

"Working with the CQ Roll Call sponsored content platform, we were able to effectively identify and reach our target policymaker and Hill audiences."
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Whether you want to build a rich, immersive experience that leverages all forms of media or want to focus more heavily on video or print, Roll Call will design and deliver content tailored to your message. Please ask us for demonstration.


In addition to prominent native placement on, your message will reach much further through our well-read newsletters and social media channels, targeted to reach the influencers and decision-makers critical to your campaign.

We can further enhance your message by adding it to campaigns on and, hyper-targeting Capitol Hill with the former and broadening your reach with the latter.

Finally, Roll Call Brand Media offers the opportunity to add a print component to your campaign. Our design team will adapt your digital message and turn it into beautiful print pages for both Roll Call and CQ Magazine, taking advantage of our status as the leading print publisher on Capitol Hill,

Case Study:

Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

The Objective: To raise awareness of the United Arab Emirates and that nation's positive impact on business and the economy in the United States.

Our Solution: Roll Call Brand Media developed a fully integrated digital and print content/delivery solution that allowed the embassy to present its message in a way that is smart, authentic and engaging. Through our platforms, the embassy was able to reach Capitol Hill, K Street, international organizations and other influencer segments key to the campaign. 

A promotional component was embedded into the editorial content on the homepage of Roll Call's desktop and mobile platforms, prominently featured within our journalism. But that was just the start.

The campaign became a daily element in Roll Call's must-read newsletters, as well as social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, ensuring interested news consumers were exposed to the content and clicking through to read UAE's message.

Throughout the course of the campaign, our team continuously monitored the performance of the digital placements and optimized them for maximum exposure.

The Brand Media team also built out two print components to run alongside the digital campaign. We adapted the content and design elements for both Roll Call and CQ Magazine, ensuring all of our readers would see UAE's messaging, no matter what platform they prefer.

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