Rick Santorum

Opinion: There Are No Losers When We Invest in Early Child Care
Americans know what’s at stake and are prepared to support bold action

Sixty percent of Americans say they expect the next generation will be “worse off” than their own.

That profound sense of pessimism was perhaps the most startling finding of a recent national survey on views about early childhood development.

Stem-Cell Research Has Options

Like many Americans, I have been following the recent developments in the progress of stem-cell research. For the record, I am for stem-cell research, and understand that one of the great challenges of our era is striking a balance between pursuing new science and technology and maintaining the ethical and moral principles that are so crucial to the fabric of a healthy society. In no arena is this challenge illustrated more appropriately than when discussing this type of research.

Scientists who are pushing for embryonic stem-cell research are seeking pluripotent stem cells, which have the potential to form all or almost all types of cells in the human body and aid in the understanding and treatment of disease. In 2001, President Bush formed the President’s Council on Bioethics, made up of scientists and ethicists to study the moral and scientific issues before us today. With the council’s recommendations in mind, I have been working to develop a bill that will provide funding for research to explore potential methods of creating pluripotent stem cells without creating or destroying embryos. In this way, scientists are able to pursue progress without abandoning principle.

GOP Must Keep Campaign Promises

The 2004 election not only gave Republicans a firm majority in the Senate, it also provided the opportunity for the Republican Party to communicate our vision to the American people. With the election behind us, the Republican Party must keep the promises made to Americans on the campaign trail and enact our ambitious agenda.

Republicans were able to deliver important legislation during the 108th Congress; however, Democratic obstructionism prevented Congress from passing several key items benefiting Americans. I am confident that with a larger Republican majority, we will be able to coalesce as a party and with Democrats to build on our accomplishments of the 108th Congress and finish our outstanding obligations.

Abortion Politics Hurt Important Legislation

In the 31 years since the Roe v. Wade decision, a hardening of opinions on, and a general unwillingness to consider, the rights of unborn children in our society have characterized much of American political discourse. Whether a policy issue has anything to do with Roe or not, anything perceived as even tangentially involving the unborn becomes ensnared in abortion politics. For years this has been the fate of legislation which I proudly co-sponsor: the Unborn

Victims of Violence Act. This legislation simply states that if an unborn child is injured or killed during the commission of a federal crime of violence, the assailant can be charged with a separate offense for harm done to the child. By acknowledging a simple, undeniable fact, namely that two persons are harmed when a pregnant woman is attacked or murdered, this legislation has found itself in the middle of America’s abortion debate.