George Miller

Opinion: There Are No Losers When We Invest in Early Child Care
Americans know what’s at stake and are prepared to support bold action

Sixty percent of Americans say they expect the next generation will be “worse off” than their own.

That profound sense of pessimism was perhaps the most startling finding of a recent national survey on views about early childhood development.

What Can You Learn From Community Colleges? More Than You Think | Commentary

The emerging national dialogue about making community colleges as free as K-12 education shows how central these institutions have become to our national vision for building a strong economic future. With nearly half of all U.S. undergraduates enrolled in community colleges, we must all agree on this fact: Our nation needs community colleges to be the best they can be. They simply cannot fail.

Miller: Spotlight on the Fiscal Cliff of Student Loans
There’s a need for vigilance to ensure students are treated fairly as consumers

As the nation’s fiscal cliff dominates the headlines, many college graduates are facing their own fiscal cliff when it comes to their student loans. Outstanding student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion, exceeding credit card debt for the first time. Student loan default rates are on the rise. The cost of college continues to increase.

Starting a career and repaying student loans is a difficult balance for many young Americans. And excessive student loan debt is a drag on these graduates’ economic future, hampering employment options, family decisions and home purchases.

Miller & Petri: Congress Can End Corporate Welfare on Student Loans

In a Guest Observer in these pages last week, Jack Remondi, the vice chairman of Sallie Mae, the nation's largest and most profitable student loan company, argued that banks have a "bipartisan" solution for student loan reform. That's where we — a fiscally conscious Republican and Democrat — say "we don't agree."

[IMGCAP(1)]As the Senate prepares to consider President Barack Obama's proposal to fix our federal student loan programs, banks are spearheading a last-ditch effort to kill it — with a wink and a smile.

Miller: Every American Will Benefit From Reform

President Barack Obama has been clear about the urgency of enacting health insurance reform this year. I support his efforts and believe that every American — those with insurance and those currently without it — will be far better off after we have enacted his proposed reforms. Those of us who support real reform understand that the cost of inaction will be devastating for America.

Each year we kick the can down the road, families shoulder increasing premiums and higher co-pays for fewer benefits. By 2020, nearly a quarter of a family’s income will be spent on health care premiums.

Retirement Savings Shortfall Looms

During much of the 20th century, two types of retirement income — Social Security and traditional employer-provided pensions — helped American retirees to avoid poverty and maintain a decent standard of living.

Social Security is still the sole source of retirement income for half of all retirees and the primary source of income for two-thirds of all retirees. Fortunately, Democrats have so far fended off attacks on Social Security from the Bush administration and others who would like to privatize it, turning it into a gamble for retirees instead of a sure thing.