Charlene Zhang

Artificial Intelligence May Help Match Veterans with Civilian Jobs
Software translates military job codes into relevant info for civilian employers

One of the problems military veterans have long faced is matching their skills learned in the armed forces to the needs of civilian employers, an issue Congress continues to grapple with in the fiscal 2019 spending bills.

Many military jobs translate perfectly into the civilian sector — repairing an Abrams tank is much like repairing any heavy piece of machinery, for example — but many combat and leadership skills do not, on the surface, directly transfer.

Senators Want More Art in Trump’s North Korea Dealings
Measure seeks more congressional oversight of process

Barely six months ago, the bills introduced in Congress on North Korea were generally of two kinds — those that wanted tougher economic sanctions on Pyongyang, or those that sought to curb President Donald Trump from launching an attack on the North without congressional input.

But with the Trump-Kim Jong Un summit more than two weeks old, and few details emerging on the exact nature of the deal reached in Singapore, the mood has shifted in Congress.